AMD Zen 2 Secure Processor Bootrom leaked, (f)TPM compromised & more AMD Vulnerabilities spark PS5 Scene’s interest


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25 Responses

  1. Charles Fasano says:

    It’s nice to see potential progress to hacking the PS5.

    • Solo says:

      Ps5 hack on homebrew, big pkg games emulators, app, ps1-ps4, dreamcast, movie films, photos, and more

  2. Roman Murashov says:

    It’s always a pleasure to read news on I’m visiting this site every 2 days or so. I am a non-native english speaker, but i want to say that your writing style is awesome. Thank you, please, continue!

  3. 00991100 says:

    I have the resources, who has the skills?

  4. tsinataseht says:

    Great, let’s hope this works out for the sake of the whole scene. Good luck, guys!

  5. HaYNigloo says:

    Sounds like RGH, the hack highjacks bootrom by pulsing code injection at the right timing. I’m excited to see homebrew hardware modding making a comeback to Playstation.

  6. Game Repair says:

    Not a single mention of xbox one yet again.

    • ano says:

      yeah, it is really unfortunate :(.

    • Why says:

      Why would anyone want to hack an Xbox?
      Just buy a PC, has pretty much all the same games.

      • SAM says:

        Series S is cheapest solution for homebrew with similar processing power (not graphical) as PS5.

        • HaYNigloo says:

          Microsoft blocked all homebrew UWA (Universal Windows Application… I think it’s that) from their respective app store. Not the cheapest homebrew solution any longer.

  7. jajajaja says:

    ps5 jajajaja

  8. Miloš Golubović says:

    Why these hackers who are searching and hacking stuff not in jail? This just confirms us that we are still savages who can’t leave homes without locking the door. Intelligent, human, top on the food chain? We are pathetic envy selfish beings who are unworthy to live on this planet, or any other. It’s truly sad.

    • wololo says:

      Obvious troll but thanks for playing.

    • SAMNIK says:

      Unless you are a Sony guy who designed the security you have no right to be this angry. Hackers do get paid (a lot) for finding flaws in their security. And Sony doesn’t care if people hack their consoles at this point. Because it prevents them from accessing online services and keep the console updated. The only way to achieve these hacks is not updating your console which is very hard thing to persist on for general consumer.

  9. CHUCHU says:

    If anything comes from this then it probably going to be soldering hardware mod. Don’t know if I’m ready for that.