PS5 BD-JB Exploit: Payload SDK updated with SPRX autoload, PS5 BD-JB ELF Loader v1.6.1 released


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12 Responses

  1. redfall xsx rtx3060 ps4 ps3 xbox360 xbox vita 72 seasons says:

    ps5 is ugly and nosiy vacuum cleaner lux better I will wait 4 slim cfw

    • Ligma says:

      Yeah u do that

    • John says:

      If I were you I’d skip this generation and take some English classes

      • Earthisbeautiful says:

        Be careful what you are saying. If you are in my country. They wouldnt make fun of you and tell you to take some foreign classes. We accept your bad foreign language in our country but you have a right to make fun of foreigner people in America and tell them to take some English classes ? SMH. Be careful. Sighing.

    • KPKev says:

      And you’re ***. I’ve owned a PS5 since day one and still have never heard it ramp up. Supply response all I’ve ever had.

      Try actually only one and testing it yourself to see how the device really runs. Because no telling the situation you actually seen one running in could have been too hot in the area making the fans turn up. But I guarantee you and a standard home running an air conditioner between 72 and 78°. You will never hear the ps5

    • Earthisbeautiful says:

      Obviously you know nothing. Go ahead and get SLIM PS5 and you wont got a JB for a LOOOOOONG time anyway. Nonsense.

  2. skol says:

    thanks< ps5 best homebrew more

  3. Charles Fasano says:

    In the article you wrote “Blu-Ry disc” in one instance.