Switch: DMCA’ed tool Lockpick_RCM resurfaces as Picklock_RCM


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9 Responses

  1. Aydel says:

    Damn, I don’t condone piracy but to be such a fanboy that you will actually attack people in order to “protect” a big corporation like nintendo…

    • Pirate says:

      I fully condone piracy, you have my permission. Let’s sail those seas fellow pirates. rRRRrrrRRRR

  2. Handy says:

    That’s hilarious. I hope it works.

  3. Nick Crowe says:

    Good. *** that DMCA’ing ***. What happened, was he not able to afford his precious game, so guess taking it out on everyone/everything? What a *** loser.

  4. OperationNT says:

    I won’t see the value of this “copy/paste” from Lockpick project until the developer will be able to update those files for FW 16.0.3 support:
    Updating those files would require some real hacking skills. For the moment, it’s just a “useless” provocation.

  5. nintend-no says:

    this fool went after the key retriever software instead of the software that dumps the games LOL

  6. Deref says:

    Does Nintendojitsu know they committed a felony? If you send a DMCA notice you swear under penalty of perjury that you’re authorized to do it by the owner (Nintendo in this case).

  7. nomorefamiliar says:

    “[GitHub] DMCA Takedown Notice” e-mail received even forked ones, seems this also can’t avoid that sucks lol

  8. URherenow says:

    @OperationNT what do you mean? There aren’t any new keys in fw 16.0.3 to my knowledge.

    And lol “you ain’t gonna take this down”… it’s already taken down.