PS5 Release: PS5 NOR Modifier 1.0


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7 Responses

  1. luvbuckets says:

    Why is this bwe guy so salty? You’d think he’d encourage competition and contributions to the scene? Maybe it has to do with him selling his software for profit?

    • wololo says:

      There are always two sides to a story. As I said, I’m not a fan of people charging for such software, but I’m also not a fan of everyone harassing BwE for this. His code, his decision.

    • BwE says:

      I’m not even remotely salty? I think it’s the other way around. Unless you see me writing *** xyz on my programs?

      Either way I’m a business. It’s part of my job to make a profit afaik.

  2. BwE says:

    Hey! Thanks for the mention <3

    Just wanted to add that this guys program does not actually seek and modify the offsets (of anything) but rather uses a regex instead to find and replace them.

    So for the use case of changing from disc to digital and vice versa using his method its possible to corrupt the NOR entirely as the regex could find something other than what was intended and replace that instead. The strange thing is that he does actually use the offset in his code but only for displaying whether the console is disc or digital in the GUI – just not for actually changing it… I hope this is fixed one day.

    Anyways, I would suggest using a hex editor instead of his program in the meantime as its fundamentally the same thing, searching for values and replacing them.

    I also hope people understand that modifying per-console data has its risks and that is something that my program seeks to avoid.

    <3 much love!

  3. MrTradeMan says:

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  4. slobrother says:

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  5. lollypop says:

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