Switch: Lockpick_RCM (and fork repositories) taken down by DMCA request


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12 Responses

  1. Dafack? says:

    And…where’s the problem? a lot of people already have lockpick RCM on their devices, just SHARE IT, problem over.
    developers? THEIR PROBLEMS
    Shittendo? THEIR PROBLEMS

    • Ihatenintendo says:

      I’d also note that Crapelda Craps of the Crapdom is available for pirates since more than a week ago. TOO LATE, CRAPTENDO

    • Xr404 says:

      I think “now” is not the problem. Craptendo maybe developing something (a switch pro perhaps) or new firmware that will overhaul the entire system structure (NAND) and then require those for new games, and new updates. They could also regenerate the keys of all consoles and overwrite old keys. By killing the dumper, they could probably secure the next gen update. Limiting all of its pirate users to older firmware (as updating will defeat the pirating since we can no longer dump keys and there’s no one to give a new updated lockpick payload).

  2. VashTS says:

    The use of Lockpick with a modified Nintendo Switch

    this line in the complaint signifies how broken the DMCA is and how foolish Nintendo is. Modded Switch is NOT what they sell. The modification is what causes the bypass, NOT lockpick. this is a *** precedent.

  3. Alexey says:

    I have cloned Lockpick_RCM and Lockpick repos on my PC. If needed I can share

  4. DarkSoul says:

    Scene developers should just stop using github and start using the chinese clone of it: gitee! DMCA requests don’t work in Chine! 😛
    Someone already uploaded a copy of Lockpick to gitee: https://gitee.com/mirrors_shchmue/Lockpick_RCM

  5. HAHA says:

    Lets not forget Nintendont is just a company trying to protect there “precious” creations, doesn’t give a *** about anyone except it’s own existence and it’s stock holders. But with that said it’s too late, Zelda has been released extremely early and they have to take it out on someone. Thing about the internet once the cat is out the bag there is no shoving that *** back in. Suck it up, take the loss and sue more people….

  6. Dr Tal says:

    this is why people alwyas say pirating nintendo stuff is always the right thing to do.
    Emulators are illegal
    Tools arent illegal
    Modifying you own system isnt illegal.
    If i own the physical system i should be able to do with it what i want.
    Online systems are still apart of nintendo and if i use my system to try and mess with it they have a right to ban the use of that system to me.
    It still doesnt stop me from buying physical games for the system.

  7. Shock8 says:

    Just realize: Nintendo are ***. They always have been. Look past the nostalgia coloring your opinion and you’ll see.,

  8. cris says:

    well nintendo keeps shooting its foot…
    if it was nintendo logic i would have been paying nes games for 10-15euro….

  9. VN_Loc says:

    Zelda bores me anyways. Game is for kids not grown ups.

  10. console_hacker says:

    keep at it Nintendo lmao