More PSPs can now be unbricked with new Baryon Sweeper keys


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7 Responses

  1. Charles Fasano says:

    Was this named after the “Baryon Sweep” from Season 6 Episode 18 of Star Trek The Next Generation?

    • Jose Coixao says:

      It’s named after this because the syscon is codenamed “Baryon” by Sony themselves. So the author decided to create the tool with something allusive to that aspect.

  2. Zecoxao says:

    Here is a list of codenames attributed by Sony to the PSP Components:

    Tachyon (Theoretical Particle Faster than Light) <- Main PSP CPU
    Baryon (Subatomic particle which contains an odd number of valence quarks) <- PSP System Controller
    Kirk (Star Trek Character) <- CPU Coprocessor in charge of the crypto of the system
    Spock (Star Trek Character) <- (UMD Chip?) Coprocessor in charge of the crypto of the UMD discs

  3. olokos says:

    The comments by Zecoxao and Yoti should be included in some wiki. I’ve always been wondering about the meaning behind those names and the legends have just provided the meaning, here in comments. What about pommel?