What we know so far about Sony’s rumored PlayStation Q Lite


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25 Responses

  1. ano says:

    Only chance this has if it sells for below 100$ and also functions as a normal PS5 controller when need be.

  2. EinOwl says:

    No Sony, F U. After killing Vita without reason, you don`t deserve trust and respect anymore.

  3. sucks ass says:

    sucks ***

    Also, first! Bitchez!

  4. NakedFaerie says:

    Its going to need BC with Vita or its dead before its even released.
    Your phone can do remote play so why buy another device? Just buy a controller addon and save hundreds of dollars as this will be way overpriced for what it sounds like its going to be.
    Its a few days late to be speaking about it. Sounds like a stupid joke but aprils fools us past. Still, this sounds like a late aprils fools joke. Sounds like a pathetic useless piece of *** from $ony that will fail bigtime.
    Ps4 has remote play with phones and vita and steam deck. Ps5 has remote play with phone and steam deck. It needs vita support but $ony are too stupid to give it support.
    Instead they will release this *** device.
    Ill keep using my steam deck instead.

  5. xsx rtx3060 ps4 ps3 xbox360 xbox vita says:

    ps vita >all hanthelts

  6. No says:

    Jeff Grub is a complete and utter idiot and the gaming community continues to prove itself double digit IQ by listening to him. He touted Xbox Live was going free literally leading up to them announcing a price hike.

    • wololo says:

      You might be right. However in this case he was just a confirming voice for a rumor that was heard by another site. So…maybe he’s not wrong this time? Not sure.

  7. Cecil says:

    Nintendo has tried this a decade ago with Wii-U, and it didn’t work out then. What makes Sony think they will succeed now?

  8. Charles Fasano says:

    Most people probably already have a mobile device to use PS4/5 remote play and there are plenty of controller add-ons to attach to many smart phones.

    For me I want a stand alone portable that isn’t tethered to the internet like the Switch (excluding cloud only games). Even a portable PS4 that can play PS4 games but lower quality that doesn’t require the internet or a PS4/5 to be always on.

  9. John says:

    We need a psvita 2, not this bs stream goat. Also FIRST

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is self checkmate. Imagine breaking the ps5’s security and being able to show it to others via stream à-la-5.05 where you don’t need to have a memory stick like 9.00 to corrupt the stack or whatever … Rather lazy for them not to design another wall for hackers to break and feed on our wallets while they’re at it. MONEY/SECURITY SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. I guess they’re tired of cat & mouse games. If we break the ps5 they’ll find a fix. If we break both it’s harder for them to deal with it. Remember, the security on PSP was ***. On 1.00 could run unsigned code because of lack of certificate signing !

  11. Kita says:

    I’ll bite if it’s $150 or less and it has a really good screen, especially if it can be modded or can do Android stuff out of the box (but that’s being really hopeful)

  12. Jack says:

    Why would I like a very limited device like this? It should be a full-featured portable game console which can run 3A games.

  13. Bibo says:


  14. Hindsight says:

    Sony continues to absent-mindedly sell themselves short on blunder after blunder, so many choices that killed the vita, so many choices that undercut the 5’s necessity, now they want to have the steam deck cake with the stadia fondant. Why?

  15. WenEtaMagnatLeenk says:

    Either remote play on this device is a supplementary feature or it will be dirt cheap and/or there is something else besides lite…Who knows? Where Sony starts common sense ends. I ain’t buying if it ain’t standalone.

  16. Gr8n00d1e says:

    If they still insist to have their proprietary charging port or memory card, it will be a dead on arrival project for sure.

  17. Tyler Bochard says:

    It’s disappointing trash, I know that.

  18. hematoma says:

    I wish it comes with a micro hdmi input

  19. lolworld says:

    Remote Play and Cloud streaming ? What useless. I hope it is not true and again it is only rumor. The rumor is always misleading and confusion. I will wait for Sony’s actually source someday.

  20. Thrax says:

    I love my portable PS hardware but Sony has squandered any goodwill I had. Tied to console, ooof, streaming seeming like the only option, bigger ooof.

    Long Live The Deck!

  21. Mingji Gao says:

    To quote James Rolfe: What were they thinking?