This is the real solution to PS5/PS4/Switch Joysticks drift. But it’s expensive


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21 Responses

  1. PCMasterRace says:

    real solution -> mouse and keyboard

  2. Gehteuch nixan says:

    You don’t need any soldering skills for replacing the pontiometer. You can just open up the sticks and replace those little round things. So just buy those
    And watch this video on yt

    • wololo says:

      I mean, fair enough, no solder involved here, just an even more painful and risky procedure…

      • the truth says:

        painful and risky?? are you high, or just full of ***? its simple and easy as pie, don’t lie to your readers.

        • wololo says:

          That’s not a lie, just an opinion, get off your high horse.

          Painful as in, “you have to provide roughly the same amount of effort as if you had to change the entire stick with soldering”, risky as in, you have to pry open a small piece of electronics that was not made to be opened after being sold (the potentiometer). You risk breaking the potentiometer, or, at least, having a hard time putting it back, just to avoid the pain of going through the soldering. I don’t see the benefit, sorry. Good for you if you think that’s a better alternative to soldering. I feel both options are a pain in the neck.

  3. Donopatay says:

    If you can afford a a PS5, PS4 or a Switch console and buy it’s games, then you can easily buy a new or better controller/joystick.

  4. bolo says:

    Somehow it is a problem now out of sudden but no one ever had any problems on all the older consoles using exactly the same mechanisms. People have been using x360 controllers for over a decade on PC with no issues….

    • Paco says:

      The problem is not new … I have been killing gamepads for decades now.

      The main issue is that modern pads have gotten really expensive and that this point of failure is well known.

      • Herpyderpy says:

        Not quite true. The issue was a lot less prevalent in the past because those controllers had larger “blind” spots in the analog sticks. The sticks would have to be really worn out in order for stick drift to even start to be noticeable.

  5. Bl4ck says:

    Tokyo No-Drift lol

  6. rh says:

    ps3 controllers are also using hall-effect joysticks, but it’s 4 pins instead of the 3 pins ones in ps4 controllers.

  7. DS says:

    The Nintendo Switch joycons have got to, by far, the shittiest thing Nintendo every released on the market.

    2h/day and it *** the bed in less than 1 year? Come on! They had to have seen that coming. Everyone I know has trouble with the joycons. :\ Seriously, Nintendo?

  8. anon says:

    is it just me or are these sold out everywhere

  9. Moan says:

    Hall Effect is the way to go, and cheaping out on analog sticks is greedy especially considering they are the most used and thrashed. However you slammed the Switch for its *** analogs (which is true, and i can only speak for the lite) but they are very easy to replace. I had alot more problem putting the spring back in the shoulder button after my sausage fingers knocked it out. If i hadnt have done that it would have been a 10-15 min fix with a £8 part (for two analogs). An xb1 or ps4 controller is a nightmare compared.

    Not a switch fanboy either, played mario odyssey and animal crossing and havent found a decent game since. ( havent played any zeldas yet so assume they are fantastic). Pokemon sucks on switch, gb,gba,nds way better.

  10. Drift Enjoyer says:

    There is a Helder Stick Drift Fix PCB solutions that allow you to calibrate potentiometers and it’s really easy to install on every controller
    You also can get Chinese clones of it far cheaper, but quality is a bit lower and you wouldn’t support creator.

  11. lollypop says:

    the real solution is nowadays the linux/windows handhelds !
    why not ps3 or ps4 handhelds lol on the go.
    i still prefer smartphones tho :p

  12. Tony says:

    There shouldn’t be any licensing for Hall Effect switches.
    The Xbox LT/RT trigger buttons are Hall Effect…

  13. Byte says:

    The dreamcast was released in 1998, assuming the patents are from about the same time period, they would have expired in 2018.