PS5 Custom Themes release: God of War, God Of War Ragnarok & more (BD-JB)


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  1. Where is Firstus says:

    Cool stuff. Ps3 used to support custom user created themes, but $ony decided to take a step backwards and removed the feature in Ps4 and Ps5.

    This is why console jailbreaks are important.

  2. Janderson says:

    Telling here maybe out of topic but I had 2 ps4s I played on and when I bought the PS5 I left one of them aside and a few days later Jailbreak 9.00 came out my PSN account was logged into that ps4 and I didn’t see the need to delete it, now look in my profile on the Ps4/5 that I use online 2 games that I don’t have but tested on the jailbreak ps4 appear as recent activity on the legitimate consoles, some “games” also appear without any information and I imagine they are homebrews, there was an article here a while ago time about the data that SIE keeps about us, Do you think I should be concerned? Has anyone else noticed something like this?

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