PS5 security: Developer ZNullPtr is seeking donations to make progress on PS5 APU, reverse engineering


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  1. firstus stirkes again` says:

    firrrst! or do people not do this anymore

  2. JustAnother says:

    What about failoverflow’s pwn on the PS5 a couple of weeks after launch? They mentioned it was a complete software based hack, no?
    Was all that research sold to HackerOne or is it still just private? Perhaps my recollection is at fault and they used hardware glitching as well but I’m pretty sure it was software based.
    Even if only a full pwn on a lower firmware, it would be something impressive to have that made public.

  3. Anthony says:

    Not sure it would be worth doing. 1 it’s not 100 percent confirmed 2 if it was the chip and people are asking the question, they’ll probably get another batch from elsewhere and that would also mean u would have to get a 2nd one if that happens. Who knows for sure though.

  4. qlum says:

    Not owning nor planning to own a ps5, I still pitched in a little.

  5. Zaur says:

    Second from Kazakhstan) Aktobe! HELLO WORLD!

  6. cybereu says:

    Donated a second time.

  7. Cecil says:

    The key question is: After Znullptr successfully cracked the hypervisor with all the donation money he raised, who’s to say he won’t take his discovery to Sony to claim another $10,000 bounty instead of release his findings to the scene?

    • wololo says:

      He might, it’s his decision. Could possibly hurt his reputation on the scene though, so it would be a tough choice?

  8. juniorpsvita says:

    After they hacked psvita! A very secure device for its time and said to never be hackable. Now everything is possible.

    • HaYNigloo says:

      The scene is based somewhat on planned obsolescence. When piracy follows homebrew, developers are sure to walk away from a console. You wouldn’t want a next-gen console DOA, especially from a brand you enjoy. This scene isn’t a matter of “it is/isn’t hackable” moreso when the hack/mod becomes available. The PSV needed to outlive it’s predecessor before reaching this point in time. I feel this very way about the PS5, although I do love homebrew… I’m between a rock and a hard place.

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