PS5 Firmware 6.50 released. As always, think twice before updating.


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11 Responses

  1. ps5 has not cfw yet I have xsx rtx3060 says:

    ps5 has no future haha

  2. 8pcd says:

    that controller in the picture is that a real one ? If yes can someone tell me what that is looks nice

    • wololo says:

      That’s the DualSense edge mentioned in the article. It comes out to retail at the end of the month. Official Sony controller, “High end” PS5 controller, highly customizable.

  3. Where is Firstus says:

    First (I think? Wololo’s moderation takes some time, made the mistake of assuming am in firstus place only to end up in thirdus place)

    So in short if you are on 4.51 or lower you get to save your $200 coz no-one is going to update a jailbreak-able Ps5 to use a DualSense Edge.

    Or just buy a Scuff @ $200 to $300, but Edge looks better than the Scuff imo, although Scuff has 4 paddles.

    But am sure the community will come up with an exploit to support low firmware Ps5 to use Edge.

  4. Ultraman says:

    Oh, boy. A new controller. How about some new, exclusive PS5 games?
    And what happened to the liquid metal controversy??

    • Where is Firstus says:

      Agreed, $ony fan-boys say the liquid metal leaking is exaggerated,
      but I’ve been watching the Cod3r’s playstation repair videos for entertainment since 2021 and he sure fixes alot of Ps5’s damaged by liquid metal spills causing shorts on the motherboard.

    • drewski says:

      THey are coming, exclusive games take time to make. WHy dont you go and make one yourself?

      We got spider-man 2,wolverine, several others to name!

    • Andy White says:

      Liquid thing was a crock

  5. JamesCameron says:

    “Don’t think twice, Don’t think twice”
    – Utada Hikaru