The PS4/PS5 Hacks we want to see in 2023 (and a review of 2022 PS4/PS5 hacks)

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  1. George says:

    Looking forward to 2023, all valid points. Something I’d love to see personally would be a persistent firmware mod for ps4. That way I can turn it off and not put much thought to it.

  2. Maciek says:

    my dream is open source switch modchip

  3. Where is Firstus says:

    First. Ps5 full jailbreak and HyperVisor exploit ETA Wen?

    Happy New Year everyone, may 2023 finally bring a full Ps5 jb.

  4. Slarty1408 says:

    Ps4 syscon would be good mabe we could get a kind of a cfw running without the need for the private key…. F00D

  5. Dmon says:

    Ps4 is pretty shure hacked to the latest firmware. Just look at the scene releases of games like God of War Ragnarök and Horrizon Forbidden West.
    For obvious reasons everything is kept private now. People have JB for 9.00 Firmware which is still pretty common. It should be easy to get a 9.00 console second hand. I’m pretty shure there will be a future release of a hack for the latest firmware of the Ps4 once Sony decides to stop supporting it.

    The Ps5 on the other hand will pretty much be unhackable i think. Sony did their homework and their bounty program works as well.
    I think there will be one or two fully JBs for the Ps5 but only for those with older Firmware. So they will be very limited in use.
    Maybe i’m wrong, but look at the Xbox One. I think its the first console that was not hacked at all. So i think the time has come for us to accept that console hacking is over or at least will die in the next few years. Security got to strong!!!

    Happy new year to all of you 😉

  6. Jack says:

    I’m getting a little disappointed and impatient now. Hope the next jb will come soon.

  7. junk test1 says:

    I’m surprised the PS2 emulator hack by CTurt on PS4 (and potentially PS5) was not mentioned given it can work without kernel access and has a unique attack surface since it runs with JIT (Just In Time) capabilities. That and it’s theoretically unpatchable. Technically a completely new Usermode entry point.

  8. Tea says:

    Here’s hoping 9.60 is the next JB release…

  9. Earth says:

    Patience is a key. For custom theme, I cannot care about it, really. It doesnt mean anything.

  10. FreeMyPS5 says:

    @TheGuardian @Wololo is this real? This YouTuber user is demonstrating Nes emulation.

    • wololo says:

      Most likely real, but not something “groundbreaking”, they’re using BD java layer to run Java homebrew. It’s been done since the PS3 days, and a lot of people are reusing homebrew made from the PS3 era in these videos