PS Vita: TheFloW releases new kernel exploit “HENlo” (compatible with 3.74)

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  1. Tecknick says:

    Can we abduct theflow and make him spit out the secrets to jailbreaking the ps5 which is a trillion dollar industry.

    • Cecil says:

      You are too late. The trillion $ Industry already paid him to keep his mouth shut.

      • Annoyingmouse says:

        I doubt his NDA includes kid snapping and t0rtur3, so it should be legal for he to spill the beans. XD

  2. mgplayer says:

    port ps2 games for vita

  3. Cecil says:

    So, it’s a half-baked pie served just now on a dinner table where everyone ‘s already full…

  4. StepS says:

    “From a user’s perspective, there’s very little benefit to this release now, given that we have perfectly functional ways to install CFW on all existing PS Vita models.”

    Here are a bunch of benefits, which I doubt are “very little”:
    – Users of Phat vita models (1000) on 3.61+ no longer have to buy proprietary Sony memory cards in order to initially hack the device.
    – In case PSN or PSN auth ever goes down, this will keep working. CMA-based jailbreaks require you to be authed with a PSN account before files can be transferred.
    – This works without a PC and only requires you to open Vita’s webbrowser. It is fast and saves time for both the users and for volunteer helpers

    As you can see, directly impacts the end user, assists in longevity of the Vita and even saves money in some cases. Some better research into the topic would be advised next time

  5. peenoise end user club says:

    HENIo, can be read as henyo, which means “Wise” or “intelligent” in Philippines.

    • Cecil says:

      Yea and muffin sounds the same as “horse ***” in Chinese, but I doubt the person who named the delicious baked good gave a *** about Chinese…

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