It is apparently possible to revert your PS4 to its previous firmware version, without any backup


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  1. russian guy says:

    glory to mother russia

  2. Anon says:

    To me this is a big think as well, I’m sad that my unity is a 2215B, probabbly i’m out of that, but at least I still can do the backup method.
    But by the way, isn’t possible to intentionally brick the verison B in a way that the PS4 detect and force enable the version A?
    well, probabbly not, that’s a bit suicide even to try, lol;

    • wololo says:

      Good question. I assume the revert can only happen under specific circumstances e.g. during install of the new firmware. I assume that if you brick “otherwise” the console will simply boot into safe mode and attempt a repair. Not sure really.

  3. MarkyMark says:

    Say I update from FW 9.00 to FW 10. I could “revert” back to FW 9.00 right? When doing the revert, does it “reset” all my settings, saves and games? Or do I keep these?
    Now I question: When I am on FW 10 and I install a game that requires FW 10 (or atleast higher than FW 9.00 in this scenario), and then I revert back to FW 9.00, would the game still be installed, and would I in turn be able to copy the game files? 😉

    • wololo says:

      I think the answer to most your questions appears to be “yes”: your games from 10.00 would still be available from 9.00, because I believe they are on yet another partition of the drive. Now, some of them might refuse to start, if they have a higher firmware requirement.
      don’t quote me on this, I’m not sure.

    • Jaded says:

      May or may not be how the latest games are being dumped, but let me not say too much.

  4. Tomas says:

    it’s a great right and an amazing progression even with BwE working, shame these uC are completely unavailable and EOL. Of course it will be great to buy them and try to fix one of my slim models, but I’m somewhat skeptical.

  5. Tuluky says:

    Y si a una ps4 en 10.1 le cambió directamente la syscom por una que estuviera en 9.00? Al reiniciar estaría en 9.00?

  6. Novak says:

    There must be a way to trigger this “REVERT” via software without hardware modification, we need to find how does the PS4 send the panic trigger to REVERT to previous firmware and that should be the key

  7. Where is Firstus says:

    Secondus!This is gold.
    Most eBay sellers, be they private owner/seller or commercial re-sellers tend to factory reset their Ps4’s or Ps’5 and then update to the latest firmware as part of “servicing” the console for sale, thinking that they are doing the buyer a favor.

    This is where this revert becomes gold, coz for instance since my Ps5 is chillin’ in its box sealed waiting for HV hack and full JB, I’ve been trying to buy a Ps4 pro and every time I see a Ps4 in good condition from private seller I contact them for screen-shot of current firmware and damn, story is always the same:

    ‘They bought a Ps5 and have not used Ps4 in over 1 or 2 years…[so jackpot you say,until you read on]…so they turn on Ps4 to make sure it works, update to the Latest firmware and then list on eBay’

    Same for commercial resellers: update, test console then list on eBay, although you can’t be sure here coz previous owner probably did the same steps so both firmwares could be recent.

    So in the case of a private seller the older exploitable firmware could be available, opening up lots of eBay Ps4’s to a low firmware.

    But I just don’t understand why the f**k they insist on updating on the behalf of a new owner!
    Shouldn’t that be the decision and prerogative of the new owner ?

    I mean everyone has inter-web and if they don’t then no sweat coz all PlayStation blu-ray’s since 2006 Ps3’s come with a firmware update embedded, very clever & sneaky on $ony’s part btw.

    • wololo says:

      I think most resellers are not aware of the Jailbreak requirements, and it’s current practice to just upgrade to the latest and greatest before selling, to ensure you get a machine that “works” (can connect to Sony’s servers, etc…). I agree it’s annoying for folks like us 🙂

  8. Jaded says:

    Under the “Heres Why” section for updating to 10.01 you wrote “(actually, it probably never went to 9.60 in that scenario, but you get the idea).” I think you meant to put “10.01” instead of 9.60 per the context provided. Otherwise, very good read. Interested to see how this goes.

  9. BwE says:

    I can now read and write the original syscon 🙂

  10. mario says:

    If the syscon points at a specific location of your hard drive in order to load the OS, it wouldn’t be possible to do something in the hard drive to interchange the location of the OSes saved into the hard drive, so it would load the previous firmware?

    • Sog says:

      No, the hard drive contents are encrypted and can only be decrypted with jailbreak. Modifying the hard drive contents is off limits.

  11. BwE says:

    I have uploaded my own guide on whats required to downgrade on my GitHub 🙂

  12. Moonz says:

    want to ask, lets say im using 6.72 firmware, then mistakenly update to 10.0.1, so it also have 6.72 “backup”?? so the system can revert if update process got problem?