PS4: God of War Ragnarok available Day 1 on piracy platforms

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  1. Daniel says:

    “The techniques used to do the backport are fairly simple and well understood. What’s kept a secret though, is how backporters acquire the decrypted game packages in the first place” this is flat out not true. this was ana absolute pain for cyb and he was even forced to stay up overnight more than once. please don’t disregard the effort as a quick jab.

    • wololo says:

      “Fairly simple” compared to finding the exploits required to decrypt the games in the first place. It’s all relative, so no offense was meant (also why we used the word “fairly”). We’re not saying it isn’t a lot of work.
      But one of these things (finding and weaponizing exploits), only a handful of people have the combination of skills + time to do on the PS4.

      • Daniel says:

        here is the thing. what cyb did is NOT well understood. much less simple (not even close to fairly).
        and from my understanding it just needs a key to crack the pkg (so a single loose lip in gow and the pkg is cracked)

        • wololo says:

          Well, I might be out of my league having never done it for PS4 specifically, but:

          1) remove/replace any obvious “firmware required” in config files and headers (params.sfo, possibly elf file headers, and the like) –> super easy, once you’ve done it once, you’ve done them all. Example scripts here: Those obviously need to be adapted slightly for each firmware, but again, do it once, you’ve done them all.

          In many cases, that step is probably enough. When it’s not, it’s time to load IDA. There are two things that come to mind (steps 2 and 3):

          2) The game actually uses some functionality of the newer firmware. Have to deactivate those in the backport, in a way that won’t crash the game. Having never done it, I’m not familiar with the tricks used here, but I assume it’s roughly “find the signature of the problematic function call, and replace it with a harmless call to an empty method, or simply remove the call”. That’s how I would start at least.

          3) The game might have anti piracy measures, crashing intentionally if the binary has been replaced, etc… –> that’s where real skill is required. I have no idea if that is the case on PS4 games, considering that they already rely on PS4’s encryption and security. As a game dev company, I wouldn’t put resources into that kind of mechanism considering that piracy is practically harmless on PS4 today (not many people running 9.00)

          I’ve never done it myself on PS4 (I did similar things on PSP though), but I can clearly see how it’s done, it’s been done since the dawn of ages, and there is nothing novel involved here, just a lot of elbow grease. Again, not saying that it’s not work, but it’s “well understood” how these things are done. Finding exploits, on the other hand…

  2. Toiletglasses says:

    Very cool. It seems to be, unfortunately, a well-kept secret. Updates for PS4 have the same F/W requirement, but have somehow been decrypted for, ahem, a certain popular game, despite requiring F/W 10.01.

  3. sdfsd says:

    pokemon were availbe like day -8, why this *** movie is a news article?

    • Daniel says:

      pokemon is a cartridge with very little security and can be played on emulators. this requires original hardware and is protected by a BUTT TON of security devices. please look into things before blindly hating on them

    • atatata says:

      Pokemon not leaking would be bigger news than it leaking a week in advance, to be fair

  4. Katona Mátyás says:

    Great! But When will be a backport for 7.55?

  5. Where is Firstus says:

    First Cyber1K is truly a God of War ez

  6. Nick Crowe says:

    Cyb1k also uploaded Valkyrie Elysium and Star Ocean – The Divine Force, too.

  7. Dieseld says:

    It cannot be that I’m first.
    Anyways, They definitely have private exploits or else it doesn’t make any sense.

  8. ps5 has no gut gamez i have xsx says:

    what about mw2 my ps4 is ready

  9. Derek says:

    Its not a secret how they able to dump game. Private PS5 backward compatibility exploit.

    • Daniel says:

      lol no. ps5 can’t even dump games with the current exploit and the ps5 firmware is updated with the same blocks and restrictions as ps4

  10. ps5 has no gut gamez i have xsx says:

    gow is gears rip off nothing new

  11. AllenR says:

    I guess someone really does have dem 9.50 jb (tho private).

    • Daniel says:

      it would be pointless to keep a 9.50 exploit private. the only reason to keep something private is if it hasn’t been patched yet. (so it is probably some far more important

  12. drewski says:

    this pirating of this studio particulary is stupid to an extent. This studio deserves so much, they really care about their fans and the game is just beyond gorgeous and epic.. I honeslty think everyone should support this one studio atleast. For most studios idc for, as for most they just put out garbage *** and call it a day.. This studio went above and beyond and even push out update fixes very quickly just like horizon. Come on guys! Lets support santa monica! #GOWGOT