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PS4: Gran Turismo Sport offline save patch by Illusion

7 Responses

  1. shadowknight1620 says:


  2. Cryev says:

    What about Brand Central, buying cars and stuff? You still need the server for that I think.
    Great work nonetheless.

    • Frank G Zrinsky says:

      I noticed that also. The offline save feature is awesome but can only be used for arcade mode.

  3. Raphael says:

    I wish there was a way to play The Crew 2 was well… Great work

  4. Smoker1 says:

    Can anyone figure how to do a Offline Save for the Switch Build of Asphalt 9? Have to do so many Races Online prior to being able to have a Single Player Offline ability, and you can not use any Save Games from other Users.

  5. Sky McGowin says:

    Has anyone applied this patch? I am having trouble finding the 1.68 update. I hear its around 57GB

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