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The amount of data Sony keeps about your PlayStation activity is insane!

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  1. cracker says:

    You don’t have to worry if you’re already banned.

  2. AlexCheer1 says:

    Ahh, this is why my Twitter notifications blew up while I was at work! Pretty cool to see my name on a website I’ve been reading for at least a decade now. If anyone has any questions about the data they sent, feel free to reply to the tweet and I’ll chuck it in there with personally identifiable info removed.

  3. Squee says:

    Wow… Once, I unknowingly synced my Vita trophies, and not all the games on the system were *coughs* purchased. I hope they don’t ban me now.

  4. Bugamons says:

    When I bought my used PS4Pro I didn’t know it’s banned and had no chance to get my $ back. Then I tried to talk with Sony and get un-ban the console but with no success so I went to dark side and I’m happy with that. Thanks Sony 😀

  5. lollypop says:

    i know it.
    The amount of data from lutris gta1.
    the opengta-recompiled version opengta-re crossplatform
    windows linux mac psx ps2 psp ps3 ps4 version !!!!!!!!
    that and collect all ur data in a .deb for sony servers. and the archive.

  6. lollypop says:

    its called carnage3d and works like a charm
    but nothing fullscreen yet :/

  7. Uh-oh says:

    Can they tell you’re using a jailbroken PS4 if you don’t connect to PSN but have ‘connect to the internet’ enabled in the console settings?

    • dib says:

      Yes, the point is consoles (all consoles, not only Sony) are constantly logging data and will report it any time an internet connection is present. Your mobile devices do the same. The only way to prevent this is with network management, or refraining from connecting devices to the internet.

  8. s7 says:

    My vita logs are loaded with things like PKGi and HBstore ..no ban or issues yet..

  9. An old fan of Wololo says:

    I knew it! Or rather, that’s precisely what I always expected, which is why I always kept homebrew and legitimate systems completely separated and never once went online with a hacked console. Sure, so far Sony hasn’t used the available data that way, but since presumably they keep it forever they could decide to identify and ban anyone who has ever used homebrew on a system that’s also linked to a legitimate account whenever they feel like it.

    • wololo says:

      Totally! That’s what kind of freaks me out. Like, you use your PS4/PS5 normally like a good citizen, but hack the *** out of your PS Vita, they could easily make a connection between the 3 devices and decide to ban all your access. Probably just not a good idea to ever link your account to a console you intend to hack…

  10. Lance says:

    You can also request your account information automatically throught the Privacy settings from the PlayStation account management website, but it’s not as much detailed. Oh well, at least it includes the whole transaction history. But when did they implement that feature?

  11. mak2030 says:

    if sony keeps this much data, just think how much data the US gov must have on everyone. it must be insane. all thx to your taxpayers dollars.

  12. Lance says:

    Uhm, i can’t use the form to get the account data for US account. It gets stuck in a infinite loading icon.

  13. Smoker1 says:

    Doesn’t that Violate some kind of Privacy Law/s??????? Oh wait……it is probably listed somewhere in that long list of End User Agreement and/or the TOS *** they expect every single Person to read through.