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Release: Dead Space ported to PS Vita!

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  1. bluetootumut says:

    Thank you Gl33ntwine for your all hard work !

  2. bluetootumut says:


  3. Adam says:

    Really hard to find version 1.1.33 for Xperia Play at this moment. Maybe somebody put in on reddit soon…,

  4. Ruby Nemesis says:

    If only they could port Bioshock as well, but that’s only on iOS and has been out of print for years now. It used UE3 mobile and was apparently the entire game. Alas, ’tis but a pipe dream not unlike Bioshock’s hacking minigame.

  5. Squee says:

    Now that is the kind of Halloween gift Vita users deserved. Props to Gl33ntwine and, of course, to theflow for making it possible in the first place. Have fun people!

  6. Chrisgomez30 says:

    Does anyone know the size? Or did I miss it ?

  7. lollypop says:

    ps4 cyber …. new cypher … virtual five digital …
    a sd card ps4 adapter for ur ssd port with gprs and wifi module
    etc …

  8. lollypop says:

    cijfer vijf … new cyber … cypher five digital … ps4 sd card adapter for ur ssd slot with gprs and/or wifi module for ur esp :DD

  9. Smoker1 says:

    Quite a few possible Ports I cant wait for. Delta Touch (Brutal Doom !!!!), SFIV-CE, Modern Combat Games, Nova 3, and Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X . Seriously cant wait. Want to see if others are possible.

  10. ps5 has no gut gamez i have xsx says:

    nice on youtube u can download data like I did nice game bfbc2 has crashes this has not

  11. noooooone says:

    Without finding the correct version at all this is pretty useless. Like I know because of legal reasons you can’t just give out the files for it, but some of us don’t even have it anymore so being “released” to the public like this is like having a console but without the game. Hopefully someone who doesn’t give a *** about EA will give us the required files to even run this.

  12. Chrisser_75 says:

    Well I tried it out and must say… it works YES. Some lags in Sound, Frames, Controls not that responsive and Accelerometer Tilt ist far to sensitive so that when u’re aiming, the weapon contantly switches modes BUT big respect to Gl33ntwine for the port. I was hoping to play Dead Space on mobile platform since this game was taken out of the Android Stores 😀 Very happy with it and I hope he will update this soon with fixes for these downsides 🙂

  13. Gordon Freeman says:


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