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PS5 Hack: TheFloW’s Hexacon talk now available on Youtube


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11 Responses

  1. MKB47 says:

    I think we are going to see a full jailbreak this December as Winter holidays gift

  2. ps5 has no gut gamez i have xsx says:

    I hope that ps5 will be never hacked

  3. samart says:

    Wjat do you think about what he says around 21:40 ? Kernel exploit on ps5

  4. Lo says:

    Why doesn’t he work on the Xbox one X or the Xbox series X?

    • Here says:

      I think he’s more comfortable in Sony’s environment. Why would he jailbreak the Xbox anyway? Can already do alot on the system with a dev account and XBOX doesn’t have many if any exclusives, just get a PC.

    • Jesse says:

      These already have a developer mode to run code. No reason to hack aside from piracy which these guys aren’t usually in favor of.

    • Skoomzi says:

      i mean the thing the xbox can’t do is piracy. it already has homebrew and emulation up to the ps2. it doesn’t really seem to be worth the investment of time it would take.

  5. Jeff says:

    i hope someday i’ll be able to jailbreak my ps4 9.03 :/

  6. Arnaldo says:


  7. Ccivane+ says:

    I’ve buyed external zip drive and a creality3d and jelbreek filament. I print all the jailbreakings and share with rest of community.