PS5 IPV6 Kernel exploit: TheFloW to reveal more in upcoming infosec conference, other Hackers already working on implementation


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6 Responses

  1. Gregory says:

    I don’t really care about the piracy side, I just want a way to load a PS2 and 1 emulator so I can play the games I own all on the one console. Hopefully the PS3 emulation also progresses to the point where it can run on a PS5 (this is a very big hope) as my library is biggest on the PS3.

    • BwE says:

      bruh just get a ps2

      • Gregory says:

        I do have a PS2, but have to keep an oldish TV around because manufactures only supply HDMI now. Would love to be able to just have the one TV. Also, I already know about the PS2 to HDMI things, but I would rather just game on the one system as well.

  2. John says:

    I care about the piracy simply because if I want to use homebrew on older firmware, I can’t subscribe to ps plus or buy new releases. So I have to choose between keeping an older system for fews homebrews or having an up-to-date PS5 that allow me to play recent games.

  3. ps5king says:

    I don’t care about homebred all I need is piracy !

  4. Lucas Morel says:

    Damn. Just opened my ps5 horizon bundle. Ended up with a 5.1 firmware.