New PS5 Model CFI 1200 has lighter components, smaller motherboard

7 Responses

  1. Edward Lupenga says:

    Yeah and no call of duty

  2. NoSalvation says:

    There’s no salvation if you take his measurements seriously. Only interesting thing about this video is all 3 revisions are torn apart and put next to each other.

    • wololo says:

      True. Definitely a non scientific approach of measuring things, for which he had already been called out in his previous teardown video of the CFI-1100

  3. Cecil says:

    The look of the lighter PS5 model reminds me of my good old Wii Balance Board.

    • Cecil says:

      I wonder what’d happen if I step on it…
      Even if I dont, pretty sure my kids will jump on it.
      “Hey, look! Dad got us a new balance board!”
      The original white Wii is still set up in my living room, and my kids play it regularly.

  4. randokoopa says:

    I feel like you just watched this YouTube video and wrote a bad summary of it here as news.

  5. John says:

    I remember the first time CFI 1100 heat dissipation was done, it only showed around 5 degrees hotter but in this video it’s around 10, so it became worse. The 1200 model seems to be better but real results should be available after 3 to 4 months of use. Still, this feels better than the 1100 model unless $ony did something really fishy inside the motherboard or cpu.