Release: RPCS3 (PS3 Emulator) 0.0.24. Performance improvements, Improved game compatibility & more!


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5 Responses

  1. Austin Young says:

    But confused on why the emulator performs better on the Intel socket compared to the amd socket… Especially when the ps3 uses a stem cell processor that’s closely related to amd processors of the time. I know the architecture is different but it should perform better on amd sockets

    • Nathendo64 says:

      Lol it’s not the stem cell processor, the full name is “Cell Broadband Engine,” which is a bit weird but not named after stem cells. Also, the Cell isn’t closely related to any AMD processor, but is closely related to the old PowerPC chips used in 90s/early 00s Macs, as well as the Gamecube and Wii/U. Maybe you were thinking of Gamecube/Wii’s combination of a PowerPC G3 CPU and an ATI Radeon GPU? (not trying to mock or talk down to you, just trying to clear that up)

      But as far as the performance question, historically it was simply because Intel had higher single-threaded performance, and although RPCS3 will happily use multiple cores, single-threaded performance is still important for some demanding tasks. In recent years, AMD has closed the performance gap (and sometimes even outperformed Intel), however with Core i3/5/7/9 11000 series, Intel introduced the AVX-512 instruction set for consumers (it’s been in Xeons for a while longer), and that can yield some pretty significant performance boosts. Unfortunately for consumers, it’s not currently useful for much beyond RPCS3, although a few other emulators like Yuzu, Citra, and PCSX2 stand to benefit in the future. Another sad fact is that Intel has disabled AVX-512 on the newest Alder Lake CPUs (all chips manufactured this year, and a few batches from 2021), so you have to try to hunt down a specific batch number if you really want that performance boost. AMD does not currently support AVX-512, but will add it with Zen 4 / Ryzen 7000 series chips in the near future (note that some laptop Ryzen 7000 chips will actually be based on Zen 2 or 3, and will not include AVX-512).

      If you want to read more on the subject, one of the RPCS3 devs talks about AVX-512 here
      although it doesn’t cover other variables in the performance equation, like how single-threaded performance has improved over the years with larger cache size, better branch prediction, etc.

  2. MXV says:

    Wow over 10 years of development, does this mean that a PS4 and and PS5 emulator will take longer, or be faster cause the architecture is more like a PC?

  3. whyess says:

    I would say that RPCS3 would require a faster CPU to emulate the PS3 than a PS4 emulator would and the reason is because a PS4 and PS5 have hardware similar to a PC, which means similar instruction set and architecture, in fact emulators required to emulate a PS4/PS5 simply need to run the games either as a Virtual Machine or a backend, that being said the same cannot be said about the PS3 which had unique hardware including different processing units responsible for different graphical and CPU functions of running a game for the PS3 and is a lot harder to emulate, I have an RTX 3090 and an 8th gen core i7 8700K and my CPU was my bottleneck and I got 35fps in God of War 3 during combat and 45fps when not fighting, people who have a 12th gen Alder Lake i9 CPU get over 120fps (if also using an RTX 3090)

  4. lollypop says:

    alike flycast with the libshacccg prx
    i would dream of an adrenaline-ps3-on-my-psvita
    precompiled ps3 4.89 cfw with cached loading
    the vita compatibility layer would interact ps3 libtiff overlay in xmb
    and as a companion app if not remote xD