Vita Hacking History

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  1. Razorbacktrack says:

    Nice work CIMMERIAN_ITER

  2. Hussain Jassim says:

    the dedication in this scene to make the impossible a possible. thats why i keep my hopes high waiting for a better homebrew for the ps4 and a permanent cfw for the switch which will eventually happen after the consoles are discontinued.

    • Cecil says:

      Dont get your hopes up too high. To this day Wii-U never saw a perm CFW and neither did Vita.

  3. Cecil says:

    Unless I missed something along the progression, but I think to this day Vita still has no true CFW like on PS3. Enso is just a cold-boot jailbreak like on the Wii-U. Am I wrong?

    • Cimmerian_Iter says:

      It is a true cfw. The enso + henkaku + taihen are the 3 component necessary for a CFW. Boot exploitation + unsigned code + hook and patch. It has the same capacities as the PS3 cfw just it cannot be bundled in a pup since we can’t sign them and pack them as we don’t have the keys

  4. Teetee says:

    Allow this thing to rest in peace

  5. botarguirix says:

    wololo te amo! eres una chingoneria! jajajaj

  6. AndroidEmulator says:

    Enjoyable read – thanks for sharing!

  7. Platinum-Hikari says:

    it was really fascinating, I had fun all the way.

  8. globalwarming says:

    Interesting read. My Vita was a paperweight for many years and I didn’t bother getting into Vita hacks until Henkaku so the earlier stuff was unknown to me.

  9. Botarguirix says:

    oh cierto… ya wololo no esta al 100%

  10. Charles Fasano says:

    There are two statements that were duplicated in the article about the ENSO 3.60 to 3.65 upgrade.

  11. Cdgn says:

    What a long-*** article. It was very fun to read tho.
    Thanks for summarizing all these years. Its crazy to think how long ago some of it happened.
    I remember when rejuvenate and henkaku were released…. Time flies.

    Very nice read, thanks again and cheers

  12. The 1 says:

    This was a good read.
    Makes me miss the old days.

  13. Hooligan says:


  14. LongTimeReaderSince2009 says:

    Great work

    The hole story of the Vita, thank you.
    The greatest thing for me:
    Total_noob form PSP 6.20 to Vita TN-V and after that form Vita shell to adrenaline to PsViat God. Gibe that guy a beer


  15. Acid_Snake says:

    “Ark was just an iso loader”
    Oh wow, good to know that the writer of an article about hacking doesn’t know what a Custom Firmware is.
    I guess PPSSPP is just an ISO loader. And so is M33 since loading the XMB on a retail PSP isn’t really an impressive feat, or part of the CFW in any way.

    • Cimmerian_Iter says:

      Relax it’s not that deep. I just quickly summarized that part without going into the details and said iso loader because that what it was for the end user. Just a way to load iso through a bare bone menu. Anyway I changed it

    • The Zett says:

      That one irked me as well.
      Calling Ark “just an iso loader” would be like calling PRO “just an iso loader”.

  16. Longus mongus says:

    First kekw

  17. Seya16 says:

    A really well made article I learned a lot on the special journey of hacking the vita . The best moment for me is when I received a mail for the ninja release of HENkaku. A the time, I was super exited that I could finally hack the unhackable thanks to the community, so good memories.

    Thanks again for your article and keep up the good work

  18. Predator0808 says:

    Great article @CIMMERIAN_ITER!
    You’ve described nice piece of hacking history, a tear curls in the eye when I recall that I was following all those events daily through years…
    Thank you Wololo for being here for us!

  19. lollypop says:

    PSVR2 hacking history motherboard on my motherboard unit rofl

  20. Andreas B. says:


  21. Joo_C says:

    Awesome walk down memory lane. Nothing but appreciation for all the devs and their endless hours spent making this a reality!

  22. FFTW says:

    This was an awesome writeup. Thanks to everybody who contributed to the scene 🙂

  23. ZpectroO says:

    Como olvidar cada hazaña, tal como lo dice esta gran historia, algunas veces me sentía desmotivado y creía que no habría luz al final del túnel, pero sin embargo cada aportación de parte de los hackers era una esperanza. Y al final lo consiguieron gracias a todos por su esfuerzo.

  24. Nico says:

    Great post !!
    It is very interesting

  25. Yak says:

    skgleba announced on his Twitter account that he is working on unbricking psvita and may release the necessary tools this year.

  26. From a super fan of the Vita. says:

    This is the best piece of writing I’ve seen in a long time.

  27. Vision/Jarvis says:

    Perfect article. Perfect the text. I remember when i bought for the 1st time the Ps Vita in 2013 and i was sure for hacking the console but i was very sad because it was very difficult to jailbreak it. I did it when the realase of henkaku and the permament firmware of 3.60, had changed everything. I am very happy i have excellent library like Adrenaline ( PSP ), Ps Vita Games, Homebrew Emu and Internet with 128GB Card. Thanks to you, you are incredible guys! I have Nintendo Switch with Android,too now… 🙂 …… I wish Ps Vita had had Android. This would be epic! Thank you so much and hope wololo keeps upgrading more articles and stuffs especially after Pokemon Violet’s release. Thank you again 🙂