Vita Hacking History

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  1. Razorbacktrack says:

    Nice work CIMMERIAN_ITER

  2. Hussain Jassim says:

    the dedication in this scene to make the impossible a possible. thats why i keep my hopes high waiting for a better homebrew for the ps4 and a permanent cfw for the switch which will eventually happen after the consoles are discontinued.

  3. Cecil says:

    Unless I missed something along the progression, but I think to this day Vita still has no true CFW like on PS3. Enso is just a cold-boot jailbreak like on the Wii-U. Am I wrong?

  4. Teetee says:

    Allow this thing to rest in peace

  5. botarguirix says:

    wololo te amo! eres una chingoneria! jajajaj

  6. AndroidEmulator says:

    Enjoyable read – thanks for sharing!

  7. Platinum-Hikari says:

    it was really fascinating, I had fun all the way.

  8. globalwarming says:

    Interesting read. My Vita was a paperweight for many years and I didn’t bother getting into Vita hacks until Henkaku so the earlier stuff was unknown to me.

  9. Botarguirix says:

    oh cierto… ya wololo no esta al 100%

  10. Charles Fasano says:

    There are two statements that were duplicated in the article about the ENSO 3.60 to 3.65 upgrade.

  11. Cdgn says:

    What a long-*** article. It was very fun to read tho.
    Thanks for summarizing all these years. Its crazy to think how long ago some of it happened.
    I remember when rejuvenate and henkaku were released…. Time flies.

    Very nice read, thanks again and cheers

  12. The 1 says:

    This was a good read.
    Makes me miss the old days.

  13. Hooligan says:


  14. LongTimeReaderSince2009 says:

    Great work

    The hole story of the Vita, thank you.
    The greatest thing for me:
    Total_noob form PSP 6.20 to Vita TN-V and after that form Vita shell to adrenaline to PsViat God. Gibe that guy a beer


  15. Acid_Snake says:

    “Ark was just an iso loader”
    Oh wow, good to know that the writer of an article about hacking doesn’t know what a Custom Firmware is.
    I guess PPSSPP is just an ISO loader. And so is M33 since loading the XMB on a retail PSP isn’t really an impressive feat, or part of the CFW in any way.

  16. Longus mongus says:

    First kekw

  17. Seya16 says:

    A really well made article I learned a lot on the special journey of hacking the vita . The best moment for me is when I received a mail for the ninja release of HENkaku. A the time, I was super exited that I could finally hack the unhackable thanks to the community, so good memories.

    Thanks again for your article and keep up the good work

  18. Predator0808 says:

    Great article @CIMMERIAN_ITER!
    You’ve described nice piece of hacking history, a tear curls in the eye when I recall that I was following all those events daily through years…
    Thank you Wololo for being here for us!

  19. lollypop says:

    PSVR2 hacking history motherboard on my motherboard unit rofl

  20. Andreas B. says:


  21. Joo_C says:

    Awesome walk down memory lane. Nothing but appreciation for all the devs and their endless hours spent making this a reality!

  22. FFTW says:

    This was an awesome writeup. Thanks to everybody who contributed to the scene 🙂

  23. ZpectroO says:

    Como olvidar cada hazaña, tal como lo dice esta gran historia, algunas veces me sentía desmotivado y creía que no habría luz al final del túnel, pero sin embargo cada aportación de parte de los hackers era una esperanza. Y al final lo consiguieron gracias a todos por su esfuerzo.