PS5 Exploit: hacker TheFloW releases his BD-JB exploit files

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  1. car says:

    Someone should give him an award or something! Andy always seems to be ahead of the curve and helpful towards the scene! Nice way to go dude

  2. Doug says:

    Confused, for PS5 is 4.50 exploitable!? Other articles on this site say no. Can someone please clarify?

    • wololo says:

      TheFloW says his exploit was fixed in PS5 5.00. This implies 4.50 is exploitable. *However* we know at least of one kernel exploit that was patched in 4.50. This is why 4.03 seems like the best place to be right now. See:
      (pOObs4 was a jailbreak for 9.00 which also impacted PS5 according to hackers. Sony release PS4 9.03 to patch the exploit, and PS5 4.50 was released on the same day, so it stands to reason 4.50 has the PS5 patch for that exploit).

      It’s a multi-layered question. What we know is that a bunch of exploits exist up to 4.03, and at least some of them have been patched in 4.50. The best answer to your question is always: the lower your firmware, the better.

  3. java says:

    thats the interresting file

  4. Hydro says:

    If a JB come out of this, is it going to be Switch or PS4 where game is locked behind FW?

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