It is now possible to Mod Elden Ring for PS4 (Easy Mod release by Lapy)

17 Responses

  1. Stoopid says:

    Can’t you just use cheats?

  2. Git Gud says:

    ahh a N00B Mods nice, we dont need it

  3. Aragame says:

    can’t you just focus on jailbreaking 9.51 ofw?

    • yomama says:

      why can’t you focus on it instead of writing dumb comments?

    • Bean Man says:

      If they jailbroke 9.51, you’d have nothing to do anymore. Think of all the good times you have coming here with your hopes up just be disappointed and begin to e-beg on unrelated articles. Everyone is holding up jailbreak progress just for you. You should feel special!

  4. Darkblood says:

    Weakling stay off souls games if you can’t deal with the difficulty

  5. Colonel_Futtbucker says:

    Git gud scrub

  6. Darkblood says:

    yeah no that’s not how the souls community works if you can’t deal with the difficulty don’t play the game pure and simple plus souls player don’t care for weak worms like this person playing the same game as them it becomes git gud or *** off

    • 2Ceedz says:

      No 1 is trying 2 b part of your community….are you that bored u gotta troll people who do cool things u cant?can’t?!
      Y even post this?!
      Lady keep it up, LOVING THIS!

      • 2Ceedz says:

        Spellcheck. Lapy

      • Darkblood says:

        Well 2Ceedz I couldn’t care less that they can do cool things I’m not trolling and it becomes the fact of can’t deal with the difficulty then don’t play the game pure and simple and as for being bored no I’m not bored souls players just don’t want people like this playing the same game as them but maybe that’s a concept that you don’t understand.

  7. 2Ceedz says:

    Lady we really appreciate all your work