PS3: LV0 Man-in-the-middle attack writeup + tools, by MikeM64. Full CFW for all PS3s is next?

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  1. Bbsan says:

    This looks like it can be absolutely done on a rp2040 with its PIOs. In this case you probably dont need the FPGA board and the Teensy.
    What a time to be alive:)

  2. Thanks says:

    Great write up. Very informative and also very interesting. Thank you.

  3. chris says:

    hacker gonna hack!
    this is great news
    is it possible to fully hack the ps3 – thus allowing emulators (ie; retroarch) to take full advantage of the ps3’s raw power

    • Ant says:

      This is already fondle on most ps3s. This is just a hardware heck to dump the lv0.2 keys which are present in the new gen ps3s that were manufactured. Once this is done, cfw firmware can be signed for theseps3s with lv0.2. Allowing them to run full permanent cfw, not the current in memory hen solution that exists now

  4. KSlith says:

    No chance of running this on a cheaper, more widely capable FPGA like the DE-10 Nano and it’s Cyclone chip? Or is it a polling rate issue?

  5. Tomara que saia um jailbreak cfw pro PS3 super slim via ou instalação via pen drive

  6. d4rk51d3 says:

    Nice. So there is some hope for my superslim yet…………