PS4: Elden Ring 9.00 backport takes the scene by surprise


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20 Responses

  1. first? says:


  2. maskmark says:

    bd-jb—ftp payload—game dump?

  3. SiliconExarch says:

    Interesting, if this is truly version 1.00 as the screenshot implies then it should contain the alternate Leyndell from Sekiro Dubi’s recent video.

  4. Sparkcakes says:

    Definitely a bug in the Firmware Requirements for Elden Ring

  5. careputa says:

    soy el primero , bastardos hijos de la come moco.

  6. Firstus says:

    First …

    Already Playing… the game shows up before the news.

    Tks CyB1K… Hugs for you and your Friend. Best Regards.

  7. deamon says:


  8. Dingleberry says:

    I bet Sony likely patches this.

  9. Rho says:

    The guy just posted a screenshot of Sifu now too

    • Nick Crowe says:

      Nice. Maybe he’ll be able to backport Final Fantasy Stranger of Paradise, too (Yea, I know people seem to hate that game, but, I seem to be far more easy to please than most. Not a dig at others, of coruse… If anything, it might be a dig at how easily entertained I am. lol)… Still not getting more hopes up, though.

  10. Nick Crowe says:

    Sweet. Does this extend to the game’s updates being usable on 9.04 as well?

    Also, the article says that 9.03 hasn’t been jailbroken, yet, there’s a jailbreak for 9.04… Am I missing something here? I’m a bit confused…

    • wololo says:

      There is no Jailbreak for 9.04 either. Latest Jailbroken Firmware is 9.00 at the moment.

      • Nick Crowe says:

        But, there’s even a guide in this website (which I used) to get GoldHEN running on my 9.04… I’m so confused.

      • Nick Crowe says:

        Ok, so, after a bit of looking around, I’m taking it exploits that can lead to being able to load payloads aren’t the same thing as jailbreaks, then?

      • Nick Crowe says:

        I… Um… My bad. I’m *** stupid. I forgot My PS4 is on 9.00…

        • wololo says:

          No worries. I’ve confusingly thought 9.03 was already Jailbroken a couple times too.

  11. tbeam says:

    Since it seems they are using private PS5 keys to decrypt games & backport, they should be able to decrypt PS5 FW & make CFW. Just need a Kernel exploit to make that work?

  1. June 29, 2022

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