Accessing PS5 Game files with Jailbroken PS4, by tecniqueza

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  1. ViCiOuS-V says:

    Can you access saves?

  2. popovic says:

    Whoa! Nothing much you can do with it? That’s a huge step forward…lets dump an share <3

  3. Brent says:

    Very interesting. This leads me to question in my mind, if this works and the ps4 and ps5 that the games comes from are not on matching firmwares, why wouldn’t this work for PS4 games requiring higher firmware? You would take the same steps, install on a formatted external hd. Then put it in a jailbroken ps4. I have to believe that someone has thought of that and it must not work for some reason or another.

  4. John says:

    First! Hope PT demo can be played on the PS5 soon

  5. bf 2042 49gb gtx 1060 says:

    luckly I dont have ps5

  6. KeeanuReeves says:

    Does this mean you can install The Matrix Awakens since that’s technically a demo? I’m surprised Astro’s Playroom and demo games don’t require any sort of license

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