PS5/PS4 BD-JB releases: BD-JB implementation for PS5 by psxdev, Sleirsgoevy improves PS4 implementation, 9.03/9.04 tests,…


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11 Responses

  1. Aragame says:

    Pls Answer me,
    should i sell my ps4 (9.51) and buy a 9.0 version or is it better to wait?

  2. test says:


  3. GianniCiao says:

    Very exciting development on that front! I’m eager to see something released!

  4. TheWhiteTyger says:

    If the hack implements a trophy status, wouldn’t $ony just look for these achievements and insta-block? I mean Hello world is awesome on PS4-5, but c’mon it’s time to make a new greeting change so these old codgers won’t see through these attempts. (I’m old too, just trying to *** off $ony, cuz that company has certainly *** off it’s customers for FAR too long. Eat one, $ony

  5. mark says:

    ps5 digital edition next !

  6. bf 2042 49gb says:

    300 gb cod on 25gb b rya hahahahahaha no I hope it will bd-jb will be patched fully by sony