PS4 Blu-Ray Hack: Sleirsgoevy releases BD-JB implementation


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  1. Glitchez says:

    This is the beginning of the true end of disc drives on consoles. The all digital Era for games is upon us. #ripdisc

  2. A says:


    • wololo says:

      The only thing that matters is being able to write rewriteable blu-rays because the exploit is bound to evolve, so you won’t want to waste lots of blu-ray discs for this. Looks like this burner supports Rewriteable discs (BD-RE) so you’re good to go (source:

      • bsanh says:

        Thanks for your answer, in my case, I’d like to use previous hack through link on web ( even not always successful ) because bluray burner and even bluray disk is not often available in VietNam. May be i must wait until a game shop in my country to sell this BD-JB ( more long time to achieve new jb for ps5 ).

        • Jamie says:

          If this becalmed popular, I am sure people will sell the pre-burnt discs on AliExpress / eBay etc.

  3. Sakarabi says:


  4. Shedim says:

    And now it beings

  5. CasualFirster says:


  6. CHUCHU says:

    Need some clarity on the exploit disk.
    Some reports have stated that ISO must be burned to BR-RE … why wouldn’t a regular writable BR disk not work?. Obviously a BR-RE would be better if the ISO had regular updates as that would save on disks.

    • wololo says:

      Exactly what you said: regular BR disk will work, but you could end up wasting a lot of discs as the exploit evolves, hence the suggestion for BD-RE

  7. Frostvi3n says:


  8. Anthony says:

    unfortunal,you cant downlod it via your link

  9. Alty says:

    Kernel xploit 9.0.4 soon

    • Barabba says:

      That’s the only thing I care for tbh. Elden Ring, Forbidden West, Elex 2, Stranger of Paradise and so much more

  10. Febag says:

    Interesting, I’m sure someone will implement it in a way that it grabs the payload from the internet automatically. BD-Java was possible to load from a usb drive in a PS3, maybe there will be a way without burning a BD disk?

  11. Cool says:

    Good progress, unfortunately I’m on 9.51 so I will wait

  12. cocochannel says:

    wow, he’s the real first…

  13. FiRsTusToArRiVe says:

    FirsTus In your Face

  14. Manny says:

    I wonder how fast sony can fix this

  15. Noander says:


  16. xabi says:

    This is a great improvement on the ps hack scene. I hope sleirsgoevy (and other great hackers) has enough time to continue their work, deliver to the scene workable ps hack. Thanks them for their efforts!

    Can’t wait to see where this exploit leads to.

  17. arlyn says:

    can you use this to send p00bs as a payload and full jailbreak or this does nothing but someday will let you play burned ps4 game blurays when someone writes elf loader?

  18. Nigerio says:

    So i can CFW my PS4 with this?