PS4/PS5: how to get ready for future exploit releases

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  1. tbeam says:

    Any idea what’s going on with the PS5 keys that were gotten a while back and still being held in private?

    • wololo says:

      No public plan for release for anything that’s been found so far as far as we know

  2. Marc says:

    Love your work here! Congratz from brazil! Will you do a post like “how to get your hands on a new ps5 with firmare x.xx or how to get the right model”?

  3. CHUCHU says:

    Once the ISO drops a Blu-ray burner and a black BR-disk on standby would help.

  4. Rick says:

    I was lucky with my 4.50 FW or not?! it said it would have been fixed by 4.50 and now this message that it would still work until 4.51. don’t know anything anymore -.-

  5. Andy says:

    scene rip with out theflow0, they are just hyping for ad and get money, like scam

  6. bf 2042 49gb says:

    I hope that ps5 or xsx will be newer broken only xbox one s tb

  7. Charlie says:

    How to find a Ps5 serial 4.03?

  8. Kiri says:

    Wasn’t the vuln #5 the actual kex? And besides we got 3 kex now? So the ps5 4.03 should be closer right? Or those 3 kex wont work with the bd-j?

    Thanks for your time

  9. Yo says:

    Tldr: do not update

  10. Cecil says:

    So is a full fledge custom firmware for PS4 a possibilty now? Wololo, can you do a post to explain (in layman’s term) why no consoles after PS3 could reach the glorious height of a full fledge CFW (i.e. cold-boot jailbreak only for WiiU and PSV, webkit for PS4, etc). What’s the showstopper that prevents a jailbreak to develop into a CFW? TIA!

  11. Stillbeats says:

    Ps5 Digital ???

  12. Alty says:

    Hopefully they will release the xploit for the PS5 soon, at least in December this year. If not, there is no hurry

  13. Secondus says:

    Funny how you don’t support piracy, but post article after article on a PS5 hack that will clearly enable this, and are happy to stick an affiliate link to a BluRay writer above the article – I guess we’re all going to buy BluRay burners and blank discs to burn homebrew to, right?

    • wololo says:

      The Blu-Ray burner is to burn the exploit, don’t get the wrong impression

    • noobsftw says:

      You clearly no nothing.
      Burning Homebrew is not piracy.
      The blu ray exploit is literally a few MBs.
      This exploit only uses blu ray because of a vulnerability, it’s not an Xbox 360 C4E type hack where you burn games to disk ro play, you just read that and assumed.
      Plus, if you had just 1 brain cell you would know that the purist, the guys that enable all this are 100% against game piracy.
      Yes someone can make fpkgs of games but it’s not the guys creating the exploits, it’s end users/dit developers.
      Do the guys that make kitchen knife sets also educate you on how it can also murder someone?
      Obviously not, end users decide.

  14. Nightfury says:

    Well I’ve been on impatient for too long. So until a new Warframe that’s going to come out soon and you still don’t showing up jailbreak on 9.03 I’m going to update. So get that release or new Warframe prime is coming your choice.

  15. GGGorast says:

    Im trying to stay on 4.51 on my PS5 but I cannot play/update the games. Any workaround for that?

    • wololo says:

      For updates: no workaround. Playing games should be possible offline though. Online games are out of the picture, obviously.

    • vytz says:

      i would say update ps5 and play games , because hacking ps5 now is not worth it,because it going have so many great games that you couldn’t play on lower firmware, better use hacked ps4,