PS4/PS5 Blu-Ray attacks: TheFloW shares his presentation slides

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  1. nero says:


    Now, XBOX series x now able to run Pirated disc via bd-jb exploit.

    • pee says:

      Don’t think so.

    • Toiletglasses says:

      nope. The BD is just used as an entry-point to gain privileges. It could lead to CFW. You would need to find exploits on the BD controller board, like 360 god Commodore4eva did for Xbox 360.

      • bloodr0se says:

        C4E didn’t uncover those exploits. TheSpecialist and a bunch of users on a forum did.

    • Goose says:

      There’s f*** all on the discs, nothing to pirate

    • Negro says:

      Wrong, that’s not guaranteed. Its a possibility that Xbox is vulnerable but not definite

  2. ChuckUeager says:


  3. Heath W says:

    Thanks for the update!

  4. bf 2042 49gb says:

    fake dissmiss cant wait to see xbox one crack