PS4: Sleirsgoevy updates host for 9.00 firmware exploit

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  1. dogmeet says:

    Should I upgrade it from 5.05?

    • Hemant says:


    • GunsOfNavarone says:

      Generally speaking, the community still regards 5.05 as the most stable exploit, yet I own both a 5.05 and a 9 and honestly, I haven’t experienced any issues with 9, I’ve found it to be very stable. I’ve put my 5.05 away and kept the 9 out. I may end up selling the 5.05 as I can’t see why I’d ever want to return to it.

    • Shogen says:

      I would still stay on 5.05 as its technically the golden firmware… with little to no bugs and is the most versatile for hacking