Switch release: Create Saturn Game NSP by Markus95

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  1. Marcus Ybarra says:

    I’m a bit confused, do I add the game with just only the bin file or add both cue and bin file?

  2. chris says:

    Doesn’t look so fullscreen to me

  3. mike07 says:

    Is this one based on the Cotton update which improved the Saturn emulator that it comes with or it just uses the old version of the emulator like some other scripts out there?

    The improvements they made with the update to the emulator seems hard to ignore: https://city-connection.co.jp/cotton/en/topics/

    • cDh says:

      All these scripts use the first version of the injector. Is unlikely we see a new injector anytime soon, developer of the original tools on gbatemp wrote this: “The first patch on Cotton has new encryption, from my poking around it’s somewhere buried in the main code/game data is using new encryption per game.

      I wanted to look at this release but sort of figured it’s the same encryption/hash checking/maybe I should have waited until they fixed the lag until I said ***.”

      source: https://gbatemp.net/threads/saturn-emulation-using-cotton-guardian-force-testing-and-debug.600756/post-9816042

    • atreyu says:

      Yeah that is certainly hard to ignore. Hope we can take advantage of the PS4 version as well. Thanks didn’t know of thos.

  4. Smoker1 says:

    I got the Keys in the proper Location, but keeps saying it is not in the Directory.

  5. Smoker1 says:

    Signatures Invalid, Scrolling Name still shows the Base Game, got a couple Errors when Loading after Launching, and stuck at the Sega Saturn Screen.

  6. bf 2042 49gb says:

    swinech haha worst tablet ewer

  7. Assm says:

    Took awhile for me, but it’s very convenient to create Saturn games on the fly 🙂

  8. keeg says:

    I’m getting ‘failed to match key’ errors while trying to compile an NSP, and even if I continue and make the final NSP it still crashes (trying to make Guardian Heroes, which SHOULD be compatible). Anyone know what is going on? Running the bat as admin doesn’t let it detect my prod.keys either

  9. DiddleDiike says:

    Doesn’t work

  10. Sing says:

    Hi Sir, could you show the step how to convert the saturn game to the nsp? since I already put COTTOn Boomerang – Saturn tribute and keys file in tools folder, and put saturn original .bin in the game folder, but it still failure, please help and thanks!