Release: fpPS4 v30052022 – PS4 Emulator for Windows

8 Responses

  1. MM says:

    instead if having 100 Emulator. all of them create one awesome emulatore

    • cris says:

      will not ever happen divas are everywhere

    • Cecil says:

      No, I prefer each emu separately.
      I’m old school from the ’80s and have lived thru the era of video games from advert to now, and following pretty much the rise and evolution of emulators for every console/arcade, and understands how every emu development is unique due to the diff in ever console machine, and as such there’s no universal solution like one emu that does it all.
      Retro arch and similar alikes merely just a front end app to package a bunch of diff emu cores in a big shinny plastic bag to make it appear as one, but it aint.
      You new gen kids need to learn to dig under the hoods more, and appreciate the nuts and bolts of how each emu works its marvels.

  2. xbox one>pc says:

    waste of time u have 2 buy ps3 ps4 and ps vita ps4 easly emulates ps2 isos fpkg

  3. TRUNK says:

    on his github the code ic changes 5 hourse back on the TRUNK Tree!

  4. lollypop says:

    is thera playonwine2022 with vulkan and latests autodetect installer to play with ?
    add a pkgviewer extractor and maybe a homebrew store and uve got game !!!