Emulation: PS4 officially added to supported platforms in Retroarch

10 Responses

  1. Fisch says:

    but does the Online-Updater work? on https://buildbot.libretro.com/nightly/playstation/ still not supported =/

  2. HappyEnough says:

    Nice for it to be official, and funny to have the XMB on PS4! I really liked that UI.

    • Zain says:

      The unnofficial one DOES have XMB, the Official one will most certainly have it too!

  3. lollypop says:

    ps4 ubuntu beryll edition!

  4. sihomo3618 says:

    Not to be that guy, but the PlayStation 3 version still says “Coming Soon” to this day. So I wouldn’t get your hopes up for the PS4 version releasing anytime before the PS7 does.

    • GravitySucks says:

      To add to this, they actually announced this official port last year and didn’t release it then.