PS4/PS5 security: Fail0verflow disclose PSVR hack, dump all hardware secrets of the device


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  1. GOD says:


  2. Cecil says:

    The fact the he disclose this info and also openly stated that he abandoned this method to hack PS5, means this method is not useful. Otherwise, he would have gone to Sony for some bounty. Maybe he already tried but Sony denied him, because this method does not post a threat to the console (hence again, is useless).

  3. Cecil says:

    Useless for console hacking, but perhaps can be used to make compatible 3rd-party VR headsets for PS4 and PS5?

  4. Last says:


  5. Smol Brain Dude says:

    I’m a smol brain person and these are big words but I like this site

  6. osumaniac says:

    Very nice

  7. AllenR says:

    N I C E.

    Does this mean I could (in the future) use my existing HTC VIVE on my PS4 if someone creates a driver for it?