PS3: CFW Evilnat 4.89 Cobra 8.3 (CEX) released


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8 Responses

  1. Fio says:

    Can you run it on super slim?

  2. Freddy says:


  3. Cecil says:

    Is this better than Rebug’s cfw?

  4. amatz25 says:

    1st! are this cfw works in super slim ps3?

  5. atreyu says:

    This can not be installed on systems that previously could not use CFW. For those use HEN so any 3000 and super slims can’t use this. As for better then Rebug it is as good as Rebug Lite with a few extra features but they all share the same patches

    • Cecil says:

      Thanks bro ! 🙂

    • MojArch says:

      i am on 4.81v2 or something in this neighborhood (can’t remember cause I’ve been playing with my PS5 lately) and i never
      (i mean it really never ever up until now) connected it to PSN!
      i want to sync trophies with my current PS5 account but i am afraid my PS3 got banned. any advice on this front on how to do that?

  6. Rudy says:

    Salut à tous et merci pour cette news j’ai testé ce CFW comme d’habitude je désactive les syscalls pour pouvoir me connecter au PSN le problème et qu’à partir du moment où je les désactive il m’est impossible de lancer un jeu je suis obligé de redémarrer la console pour pouvoir lancer un jeu en fait pour être clair c’est soit je me connecte au PSN ou soit je lance un jeu impossible de faire les deux en même temps est-ce normal ?