PS5 Hacking: Script to dump the PS5 4.03 filesystem released


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  1. Manny says:


  2. Hello world says:

    Hello world

  3. wololo was good says:

    I remember when wololo actually had a consistent news stream, gone are the great days of psp homebrew comps new consoles suck and you’d be better off looking at a PC

    • wololo says:

      Yeah, but those were different days. We had more people helping with the site, I had less “IRL” stuff to deal with, and more generally the scene was striving much more with actual homebrew releases, etc…
      It might come back with the PS5, who knows.
      With all that being said, it’s very unlikely I would ever do anything as huge as the Genesis competition. Organizing this homebrew competition for the PSP drained me for like 6 months.

  4. Navie says:

    Is there a way to tell what firmware the PS5 is on by serial number ? I know this was possible with the Nintendo Switch.

    I bought one back in November or December and kept it sealed but wondering if it’s on 4.03 or not. Otherwise I might as well sell it for profit

    • Clutz450 says:

      Unfortunately there is no such database. However, I just recently acquired a second PS5 from Walmart last month and it came with 4.03 (I think I got really lucky as other people who bought at the same time as me had higher firmwares). So chances are good that you have 4.03 or below.

  5. paunboli2 says:

    thanks for sharing this , you don’t know how many sites I visit for this , thank again

  6. None says:

    Got a launch PS5, never updated, still sitting in its box, waiting patiently for a jailbreak. Only tested it to make sure it works. I don’t play online, so no problem for me to wait.

  7. Drew says:

    Love the look of the ps5 slim I going to have to get one now

  8. alucard says:

    still waiting lol

  9. slangza777 says:

    hoping for more reveals soon

  10. Gr33k says:

    Got a new one sitting in the box. Don’t even know what firmware it is – waiting for a confirmed hack then I will get to smell the ‘new electronic smell’….some day!

  11. I hate Sony says:

    Not like it matters if the PS5 gets hacked anytime soon. The exclusives are great but if you already have a PS4 you aren’t missing out on much besides the 120hz 1080p over HDMI 2.0b

    • SmurfyD says:

      Honestly I’d love a hacked ps5 just to play Bloodborne at 60fps 1080p which was already done on a debug console.

  12. #1 Legend says:

    Can’t wait for what’s coming in the scene.. stupidly updated my 0.0 console to play online and can’t find a single console under 4.50 these days and I’ve been through about 7.. absolutely great work from the scene members and moonbsd for his recent kernel disclosure… #ExcitedIsAnUnderstatement

  13. himawbas says:

    i have ps5 4.03 icant wait

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