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PS Vita and PS3 get (more) end of life Firmware updates: PS Vita Firmware 3.74 and PS3 4.89


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  1. Cecil says:

    Go get several external hdds w/ muti-TB capacity, and start your backup collections now!

  2. lollypop says:

    eol profile iphone custom localhost appstore php project for apache

  3. x says:

    “What do you folks think of the future of game preservation? Let me know in the comments.”

    There is no such things as preservation in commercial entities. There is only business. And since people doesn’t care about backward compatibility i since licenses for musics etc. not always are perpetual, support going to ed, services going to be shutdown. There is only one kind of real software preservation, and You all know what it is. Sad to be honest.

    • Cecil says:

      Hence my comment at the very top: get yourself some huge hdds and start hoarding games now, so when Sony pulls the plug on PS5 and you cant go online anymore, at least you still got your TB-worth of offline backups to play from.

  4. Nightfury says:

    I can’t sign-in on the psvita. I already spoof to 3.74
    And activate 2step and still no go So don’t even try until a plugin comes to fix this.

    • NNNRT says:

      You have to sign in from a PC and generate a one-time password. It worked for me.

      • Nightfury says:

        I did it on my phone and still no go. I did get active but still saying wrong password. So I’m fine trying again. I like doing things in one go.

  5. Achulus says:

    3.74 password required is for tracked geolocation of the console. So for spy the eye Grand brother.

  6. Gg says:

    Lol, after 1 year since the lasz update

  7. Gabrielmop says:

    I’m more worried about the Updates repository, i know sony will disable them in a future, unless someone start archiving all those DLC and updates, will be gone forever

    • Cecil says:

      Again, get yourself some huge hdds and start grabbing whatever game backups/updates/DLCs while you still can!

    • angry says:

      Most of them are already archived (from retail tree) but… only from Sony servers. Some games using their own servers like Motorstorm (which was turned off many years ago) and those updates has been lost forever until someone have them and make diff with clean cache and fully patched game. Such cases are probably more. Some EU updates are also gone from Sony servers and we wake up to late, which means gone forever…

      FU Sony!

  8. Leonardo says:

    I remind everyone that PS3 still has the C-BOMB active and I havent heard no youtuber or scener complain about this in the same way people bitchesd about it on PS4, I know that with custom firmware that can deactivated but some of us dont have a CFW compatible PS3 and we instead use HEN so we are at the mercy of the C-Bomb.
    Sony has implemented a lot of patches but to my knowledge no patch for PS3 C-BOMB.
    What a shame.

  9. nahucirujano says:

    Just when I was thinkg my Vita could not be any more stable… boom, it can.
    I think I’m gonna use my Vita as the foundation of my future house, so damn stable.

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