PS3: Progress on Slim/Super Slim hardware hacks. Fresh hopes for a full-fledged CFW?

8 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    That’s probably the message that most ps3 slim owners wanted to hear

  2. Who Cares says:

    Hmmm, why use some type of modchip when you can easily click on PS3HEN activate it, takes about 10 secs and same as CFW.

    • wololo says:

      There’s something about controlling even the boot sequence…until you do that, Sony could still patch existing exploits.

      • RedEyeJedi says:

        And HEN can not modify LV1 so we miss out on some good stuff like unencrypted PS2 games, CCAPI & limits what we can mod on the XMB.

    • X says:

      Good luck with obtaining HDD encryption keys and any other LV1 hacks on HEN… “Ignorance is blessing”, someone said in the past…

  3. xbox one>pc says:

    relax I dont play online evilnat ps3 slim 4.88 rocks

  4. pormuslim says:

    Who cares when we have PS3HEN