Android 11 port for Nintendo Switch teased by Switchroot team


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12 Responses

  1. Skyy says:

    I’m looking forward to this, I use Android on the Switch for streaming and some mobile games and it works really well! I just hope there will be a way to upgrade an Android 10 install or atleast overwrite it without having to do everything again as the whole partitioning with the SD-card makes it a bit of a pain.

  2. Jarvis says:

    Can I update it via system settings on Android from the menu than installing the file from the beggining with PC?

  3. Jj says:


  4. Thomas Makin says:

    Switchroot dev here—The XDA guide is outdated and has been replaced with the new Wiki guide at

  5. AllenR says:


  6. splunky says:

    Hi dev, will android be supported on Switch Mariko devices soon ?

  7. Joel says:

    Does xcloud plays nicely on switchroot android?

  8. Edward Carnby says:

    I suppose this works only for unpatched version 1 switch?