PS4: NoBD Updater will be free once the $225 ko-fi donation goal is reached

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  1. dealer says:

    i remember LM was selling s0ny sdk’s an pup’s 😀

  2. Duke says:

    You can update the article again: he reached the goal, we just need to wait for him to honor the deal

  3. KSlith says:

    I’m stuck somewhere in the middle of “putting a payment requirement on it is a legal nightmare that’s going to guarantee Sony is going to down on you” and “charging for a tool to keep hardware you don’t own the IP to working is morally dubious”.

  4. Kakaroto says:

    Not with that stupid flag will I ever donate to the Current Cringe believers…

  5. Dmitri says:

    I don’t donate to flag-waving people, those who really deserve support are people with humility, not selfish nationalists.

  6. Charles Fasano says:

    People do deserve to get compensation for their work. It’s not easy hacking such a secure system. The big problem is people always demanding stuff for free.

  7. nightwishfan1 says:

    People should’ve just waited for someone who willingly would’ve done the initial payment plan scheme idea just to get the key and reverse engineer it and make a pc tool to make keys just like it. In other *** lightning mods.

  8. Cybereu says:

    I don’t see any problem with all of this.

  9. Arnold says:

    Guess a lot of people would pay TheFlow and other hackers a great amount for a PS5 hack. So instead of Sony paying him 10 grand for not giving it away I guess a lot of people would donate a lot more to get it released instead. Let say 1000 people donate 20 dollars each = 20.000 dollars straight into his pockets and at the same time he would make a lot of people very happy. If you, TheFlow, reads this. Would you consider this?

    • wololo says:

      This has been tried in the past, for PS vita hacks. There’s a surprisingly low amount of people willing to put their money where their mouth is. Also considering this falls in a gray legal area, a hacker would need more than twice the amount for it to be enticing, IMO. I’m sure for $100’000 they’d consider selling it to someone else than Sony. But for $20’000, I don’t think many hackers would see the appeal. “Do the right thing for $10’000, or run a complex donation drive that might fail, for $20’000, with the risk of being sued by Sony for millions…” Not a tough choice.

      Not that I encourage anyone to secure $100’000 to do something that’s possibly illegal. Just talking numbers here.

      • Arnold says:

        But what is the difference if TheFlow releasing something for free (like he use to do) or taking donations before releasing it? I mean if we speak of the “grey legal area”? It doesn’t get more grey just because he takes donations right? What I’m saying is that the donations doesn’t have to be connected to the actual exploit.

        Scenario 1: Hey guys, here is the new hack! -> Not a grey area? No chance of getting sued?
        Scenario 2: Hey guys, if you like to donate some cash I can keep researching! 2 months later… Hey guys, here is the new hack! -> Grey area? Getting sued?

        • wololo says:

          First of all, whether you accept money or not for a legally gray project can make a big difference on the punishment in the case you get sued, depending on your country, etc… I’m not sure it makes it “more illegal”, but it increases the severity of penalty you might encounter. (Disclaimer: Not a lawyer!)

          Secondly, going through the bounty program gives you explicit agreement from Sony/HackerOne to disclose the vulnerability, in some cases. This means: 1) you get paid for your hack 2) the scene gets the hack, 3) nobody gets sued. So, yeah, there’s no question it’s a safer deal than accepting money directly from the scene and risking the lawyers to come knocking at your door.

          As to why TheFloW used to do things differently before: ask him, but I would say he was younger, less aware of the legal risks (also less impacted legally, as a kid), the bounty program didn’t exist, etc… Thousands of valid reasons to explain why he has evolved.

          • Arnold says:

            But wouldn’t you say there is absolutely zero chance that Sony would let him disclose anything “big” (jailbreak) on the PS5? I guess TheFlow used to do things differently just becase of one thing.. the Bounty program didn’t exist. If he could have made a lot of cash before I guess he would have. I don’t blame him. Cash is king. But it kinda sucks for all the homebrew lovers.

            Hopefully someone can “hack” *blink blink* his computer so his research gets released into the wild.

          • wololo says:

            Yup you might be right.