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PS5 Basic support added to LLVM/Clang toolchain and compiler

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  1. Fristeis says:

    Playing your console on your old ps3,playing zombies or beating tales of sypmonia on your gamecube Ya, sony might bring ads to those gems ,,,,,,,,while PLAYING : O you’ll have to pause your session to watch ads. AHHHHHH get handheld pc.

  2. xbox one>pc says:

    I hope that ps5 will be never broken

  3. IOBLEND says:

    PlayStation should Give us Linux Support already

  4. nCadeRegal says:

    Instead of first comments why don’t we focus on the absolute *** mess that wololo’s “blog” has become.
    It was completely ridiculous about 5 years ago with the *** ads you were shoving in our face buddy. The response I had received when I complained was that you were working with them to create a better experience for the end users.
    In the last 2 to 3 months it has gone beyond *** ridiculous wololo. Have you not logged in from a mobile in the last 5 years?, let alone the last couple of months?
    Please at least try to do something this time. I don’t mind an ad to enjoy content, but this is *** ridiculous anymore man.

    • wololo says:

      I there. Sorry that you are getting a terrible experience. I have dramatically reduced ads, to the extent that I control, over the past few months, so I’m surprised you are seeing the opposite. I am not in full control of what adsense platforms show on the site at this point, it all set to “auto ads”. If it’s getting beyond annoying, the best suggestion I have at the moment is that you use an ad blocker. Sorry I haven’t been able to do better.

  1. April 22, 2022

    […] This could pave the way to an open source toolchain/SDK for the PS5 scene. What is LLVM. LLVM is a set of compiler and toolchain technologies, which …View full source […]