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PS4/PS5 security: hacker TheFloW gets another $10’000 bounty from PlayStation. Why we think it matters

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  1. MrCatFord says:

    I am honestly happy for him. In today’s society getting money is not necessarly easy. So kudos to him. Maybe when Sony updates to a newer model of PS5 then maybe we’ll see what we wanted to see in the first place. Heck but let me get 10k for an exploit. I’d be set real good.

  2. me says:

    First 🙂

  3. Billy j says:

    What a ***

  4. JustSqueeze says:

    It’s been 6 months now since I last updated my PS5, it still works fine but I hope a CFW is released soon or I might just update it by Jun if I can’t wait

    • Gehteuch nixan says:

      There is no sense in not updating because you’re only able to play games before 4.3 like PS4 Jailbreak only support 9.0 and below

  5. Paul says:

    Can’t wait to see “This scene is dead, hackers are working for Sony” comment

  6. Ya mar on toast says:

    Good luck to the flow
    His talents are amazing
    Sony are paying peanuts compared to other companies via bug bounty

  7. Give Me PS5 says:

    Strange to see all these new PS5 jailbreak updates/news when the biggest “jailbreak” is getting a PS5 itself 😛

    I haven’t seen one in India available on any store/website as far as I can remember.

  8. Blah blah says:

    Stop with all the rumors and speculation. It’s not amusing. Let us know when something ACTUALLY comes out!!!!

  9. Cybereu says:

    I´m missing the comments.

  10. bolo says:

    He does need to get a reward for his work, sadly doing hacking for community does not pay these skilled people and they face a risk of some legal actions when doing the community service hacking… So in other words don’t insult him (I mena people not this article) over this, that’s his work and his choice, find some flaws yourselve and then you can make your own choices.

  11. AllenR says:

    I love the first image they used here.

  12. get rekt says:


  13. globalwarming says:

    10k is a lot of money but not for the amount of work and for something to critical. Not sure why these hackers bother when they’re clearly capable of either doing something that earns them more cash or is a lot more fun.

  14. me says:

    This scene is dead, hackers are working for Sony.

    • Bill says:

      I knew this when the flow was part of the bounty program. My PS5 is updated while my switch is hacked. Lots of games overlap so I get it on the switch.