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PS5 Firmware 5.02 & PS4 Firmware 9.51 released, in context of FreeBSD heap buffer overflow vulnerability. Do not update

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  1. Mayor Firstus of Firstville says:


  2. Deniz says:

    EU plans to have customer upgrade to an earlier version of Software per law. I really want to see, how this impacts on something like the Playstation or XBOX. I mean the whole thing about eFuses is to prevent Users from Downgrading or running invalid Software.

    Its part of their new right to repair / more rights for the customer law. This could really bringt some fresh air in the scene.

    • QWERTY says:

      Downgrade, maybe, but not with the patches open, surely. lol It wouldn’t go down well if so many could easily.

  3. Djokovic says:

    First-ly let me tell how excited this makes me 😀

  4. xbox one>pc says:

    LUCKLY i DONT HAVE ps5 or xsx

  5. RedEyeJedi says:

    Ok this is pretty cool. Not for WAREZ but I want to do some editing to Elden Ring retail. Been tinkering with the Network Test. I just hope it does work on latest patch. The PS3 network got clogged with cheaters.

  6. xbox one>pc says:

    nice sony please all patch pirated consoles

  7. Frejan says:

    Using 9.0 and happy with all my games backuped running from a 1TB SSD that I can use in my PC. That alone makes it worth not use the OFW.

  8. Paul says:

    There’s a new playstation $10,000 bounty by Theflow0. Now what I gotta do is to not update

  9. z4fr4n says:

    Not the case for all those desperate people updating their console just to play the newest trending game for about a week or two.

  10. FW Checker says:

    Is version 4.50 standard on new PS5 from factory?

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