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PS Vita/PSP: ARK (PSP/ePSP Custom Firmware) v15 released


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10 Responses

  1. ToT says:

    pretty gud

  2. Rocky says:

    Nice *thumbs up*

  3. Emperor says:

    First (happy dance here)

  4. Acid_Snake says:

    Just in time when I made a new release: https://github.com/PSP-Archive/ARK-4/releases/tag/r160
    This one improves Inferno driver and fixes a bunch of things, also adds old plugin support on PSP Go.

  5. watson says:

    On PSVIta this or Adrenaline?

  6. blanco says:

    any chance to get umd video’s to work with this?

  7. Andrew says:

    There needs to be a change to the features. ARK does not run on PS Vita 3.65, as the exploit for Ark was patched. So it runs on PS Vita up to 3.63, which means only up to CFW 3.60. https://github.com/PSP-Archive/ARK-4/issues/13

  8. Wickedcheew says:

    hope it have the Sel+L1 (Fast Forward Button) on PSX Games

  9. Marco Philippines says:

    psx games not running in ark.

  10. Chimichungus says:

    any reason why I should use this instead of adrenaline?