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PS Vita release: osu!octave (osu! port for PS Vita)


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8 Responses

  1. Turbogob says:

    I wish we could get a good port of fofix or phase shift
    I need a really good rock band clone

  2. cringe fringe says:

    Don’t play osu it’s cringe. You don’t want to be cringe, do you?

    • fuck osu says:

      Seconded. Game is full of pedophiles, and it profits off of music without getting the vast majority of artists’ permission. Also just a bad game when it comes to rhythm games

      Go play elite beat agents/the two Osu Tatakae Ouendan games. Or if you want something modern and touch based, any mobile rhythm games like Cytus, DJMax Technika, Deemo, Crossbeats Rev, Reflec Beat, Jubeat, or Project Sekai. All of them much better than this clusterfuck of a game, and they pay their artists

  3. 4Kman says:

    can it do 4K?

  4. osu says:

    I love osu!

  5. Rant says:

    Damn, this is actually really neat. OSU! manages to find it’s way on anything with a touch screen eventually, the community support is admirable.

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