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PS4/PS5: New PlayStation $20’000 bounty awarded to TheFloW on Hackerone, ignites the scene

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  1. Jay says:

    The hacking scene is dead when a so called “hacker” submits a vulnerability to Sony and get paid for it while taking a credit how good he is?

    GTFO! What a joke! Such a disgrace to the hacking scene. When you’re taking a payment from the creator to disclose a vulnerability, you are called a snitch!

    • Cecil says:

      Are you a fxxking 3-year old?? Hackers aren’t exactly a legit trade under daylight, and besides he owes you nothing. If you’re a really hacking scene die-hard, you’d learned the rules: You don’t demand stuff; you appreciate stuff when a fellow hacker shares generously, and give him all the bragging rights he deserves.
      Don’t like that he kept it to himself? Well, let’s see if you can do better than him. Don’t just whine like a swine!

    • stayhye says:


    • Jays dad says:

      Are you *** jay from the inbetweeners by any chance?
      20k is 20k dude but I’m sure you would tell Sony to stick it if you had found the bug.

    • SuFu says:

      Sony will prepare an update where it is fixed – stay on the lowest possible for now – the exploit will be released sooner or later by TheFlow, but only for those, who wait – it has nearly always been the same procedure in the early past and a fine solution for me -> letting hackers do the work for both sides – no blame

      • The Business Rabbit says:

        How do you know? TheFloW said last year they had no plan to release anything for PS5. AlAzif also claimed most people she had contact in the scene had no plans to publicly disclose anything.

    • chivaree says:

      Its actually ok if they submit the vulnerability. It what drives them to be better after getting paid. But I also agree with you for some of them being a disgrace specially TheFlow. He even teases the scene about it, but doesn’t disclose it. Its like saying “hey guys look what i found, bet you cant have this”. Such an A**h**e. He even tweets to the scene devs as if he OWNS the bug being used by the people doing the jailbreak.

    • sith says:

      dude, check yourself! look at what TheFlow has done for the scene! he deserves respect and to be rewarded for his brilliance, he has always towed the line between white-hat and filthy pirate in the most intelligent way, unlike failoverflow and others that refuse to release anything, TheFlow has a plan, and if he can get paid for an exploit and publicly disclose within a reasonable time i think he should.

    • M says:

      Boy please, nobody owes you anything script kiddy.If you want it hacked do it yourself.

    • C says:

      Giving hacks to the community doesn’t pay bills. Your just salty because you didn’t make the money and can’t steal games on your console.

    • AllenR says:


      I think you’re the one BIG example of what a “disgrace to the hacking scene” is.
      Besides, da *** are you even going on about on that last part there? You DO know that he can’t disclose anything if Sony doesn’t allow it right?

    • AllenR says:

      I’d rather have those “FiRsT” comments than see this eyesore.

    • BeJay says:

      Aww! He’s mad he can’t do piracy yet. I’m sure they’ll be another exploit for PS4, and one for PS5. I didn’t even know They’ll was still going from the PSP days and all these new names. lol For somebody going that long, why not profit from it? Makes sense

  2. dante990 says:


  3. m77 says:

    Wow, impresive!

  4. trololo says:


  5. Happy fools day everybody 😛

  6. ps5offliner says:

    I don’t know. Its still too early in PS5 scene to something happen.
    I wouldn’t be too excited, its not a release date or anything and we don’t know if Sony really gonna let anything to be released.
    Flow has no obligation to release anything to public. People just are wishful thinking.
    Been waiting for half a year and maybe now the upcoming PlayStation plus similar to game pass might be a good deal to get a lot of games to play. Kinda seems the exploit becomes more irrevelant each day.
    Plus a big downer, even if exploit is released to fw4.03, these exploitable consoles still wont be able to play newest games with latest fw requirements.

    All multiplats are still available on pc, and hacked ps4 consoles are very cheap now to play those ps4 games.

    I don’t know man, feels PS5 is better to be unhacked to truly taste the next gen with online support.

    But if one day exploit comes out, I of course gonna try to use it.

  7. broodje says:


  8. Beat firstus says:


  9. Akash says:

    This is a PS5 jailbreak and 9.03, 9.04, & 9.50 jailbreak.

  10. h1ghju1ce says:

    Is it possible that its a hyervisor vuln on the ps5 ? , and thats why the high bounty?

    a ps5 kernal exploint was already found, but is not enough to enable “homebrew” , a 3rd exploit is needed to get past the HV security/sandbox

  11. Psi says:

    Hoping for the best

  12. xbox one says:

    I hope that ps5 will be never broken

    • Here says:

      Don’t worry it wont be for quite some time. Not enough people have the systems and Sony is paying too much to keep that hack in the dark.

    • Cecil says:

      It will, when the next gen console comes out, or when Sony discontinues PS5. That’s the unspoken rule between the console makers and the hacking scene.

  13. anonym says:

    I hope that ps5 will be broken

  14. Kronosx says:

    I am trying to figure this out, If hackers are turning in bounties then where does this leave us for the scene.So basically we have to wait for a hacker to do something for the community for up to date firmware, cause old firmware will be hard to comeby

    • Cecil says:

      You figure this out only just now?? You want a hackable console you buy from the 1st batch when its released and let it sit on fw 1.0 for as long as it takes till a jailbreak comes out. It’s been like this since PSP era…

      • kronOSX says:

        yes i know know this,ive been on the scene for 20 +years already,(script kiddie..lol).I am just stating it for people that might not know.I have huge respect for the scene hackers.most of my consoles are all modded including my kids PlayStations.Without then my ps1,2,3,4 consoles…vita and 2 psps would not have new life into them.
        I used to beta test psps back in the day for certain hackers .modders…It was fun doing these for them.
        I am open to being beta testing for the scene if they want.

  15. DSpider says:

    Too cheap considering the possible damages in sales that Sony could have faced. They should have added at least another zero to that.

  16. Guest777 says:

    Well done dude, @TheFloW

  17. Red Eye Jedi says:

    Guys grow TF up. This is actually ideal as we get the exploit, they do not have to worry about Sony pursuing them and they get paid. 99% of you have never donated a dollar I’m your life. Want a hack and someone isn’t doing it fast enough? Learn yourself so you can deal with the ETA WEN kiddies. It is selfish attitudes like this that take folks from the scene. The flow, QWERTYUIOP, kakarato and more are gone because you script kiddies can’t get your WAREZ. We will not see a current hack on the latest firmware due to what happened with the PS3 scene.

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