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What do you think of the upcoming revamp of the PlayStation Plus service?


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19 Responses

  1. MrCatFord says:

    I believe if the games are good it is worth the headache just to play them on the ps4 / ps5. Though i do wish they support the psvita. Definitely the Vita needs love.

  2. Relexan says:

    – PS3 is still streaming only…. also not available in all countries.

    – No news of PS Vita games, that we could play with trophies and everything else
    – PS1, PS2, PSP games might be interesting, but if they only add a small percentage of that huge library, I don’t think I will pay for this service. I expect these games won’t have trophies either, and we don’t know the quality / resolution they will run at. Native PS1 / PSP resolution won’t look good on any modern TV.

    PS3 / Vita with local emulation could have been the most interesting news, but looks like we can still wait for that, maybe with PS6.

  3. jojo99999 says:

    I’m an avid retroplayer and I love this announcement. The reason ? I love to be able to use only one system for all my games. I hate it when I have to mess up with settings and stuff. Currently I have a modded PS3 that I use for PS1/PS2 emulation but I know it will be better with PS5 because quieter and with a better controller.

    I’m also very very excited for timed trials. What was missing from playstation was a good refund policy, but if you can try a game before buying then it’s basically like Steam <2h refund.

    So far I held up on my PS5 update but now I'm really wondering if I want to continue to follow that path. But I will still wait until it's implemented and what the game catalog will be.

  4. typhoe says:

    That’s exactly my feeling as also a grown up….
    I have the game pass on xbox (got it extremely cheap with the 1€ offer at launch) and to be fair, I think I have only done at most 3 games since then on it….
    And you NEED to watch for the games to go out of the offer each time…. I won’t renew it when it’ll expire.
    I prefer to buy my game and enjoy them when I have the time to do it.
    And by playing games later (like sometimes, 3/5 years later), they cost far less and…. let’s also be clear… they usually are nearly “finished”/”bug free” and I don’t feel like being a beta tester 😉

  5. SoftReaper says:

    For myself, i hoped that the PS5 will be, well, REALLY backward compatible and not like the ps4 hidden behind a service asking me to pay every month to use my already owned PS3/PSP/PSV games (even if PSVita doesn’t seems to be here)

    I do have a PSTV with a CFW, probably like many folks here, so PSP, PSV and many PS1 titles already runs well

    For PS3, I have RPCS3 (my ps3 slim died), and i’m even planning to get a new one as it’s not really optimal.

    Considering the trend for Sony to provide live service games even where we don’t ask to (GT7 …), I don’t feel comfortable at the idéa to write a blank check to them and saying: “do whatever you want i’ll accept it”

    While i’m disabled and have WAAAAAAAAY to much free time (way more that i ever wanted), i’m playing a lot of videogames, but like the author of the article, almost never day one, and NEVER at full price (40€ is an absolute maximum for the PS4 era)

    The thing that concern me more is the fact that player on places where cloud cannot be provided, can play offline, and what about others?

  6. dukio says:

    ps++ max extra

  7. Snapje says:


  8. first says:


  9. Davetherave says:

    I think I’m gunna just stick to retroarch on the series x

  10. Kami Gaki says:

    I think it’s garbage they walled garden anything their fan/consumers have been requesting them to do.
    A standard they set in place first then remove is their playbook.

    It’s PC from here on, unless Nintendo makes another great console but that’s a gamble as well.

    Physical copies if you own and like consoles. That’s the only way you will preserve and keep your copy on demand.
    Buy PC games that are DRM free.

  11. c says:

    its trash.gamepass is in a whole nother league.

  12. drd7of14 says:

    Improvement to what we had before and at the same overall price.

    It’ll be nice to see more Classics from PS1/PS2/PSP. Would love to see some extra emulator features, such as 2 PSP instances on 1 platform to have local “split-screen” using adhoc emulation.

  13. HolyCashCow says:

    Not really impressed, PC streaming is only available in the top tier. Whereas before you could subscribe solely to ps now and play on pc you now have to pay for ps plus also.

    I think if they had added a small selection of streaming titles to the essential tier. It would seem like something new.

    As it is it just feels like being forced to pay more money!

  14. Janderson says:

    Here in Brazil we will not have the plan that includes streaming so we will not be able to play PS3 games so we will have to choose to leave it as is or subscribe to PS PLUS EXTRA.
    As for the BRL 339.90 I think it’s worth it, thanks to PlayStation for not making a direct conversion and adapting it to the reality of my country.

  15. Pronwan says:

    Well, I usually calculate a bit diffently than you do. If a game for 10 bucks gives me an hour or two of real fun, it’s a good deal. Compare it with watching a movie in theater or having a fun evening with friends. So if you buy a full price game for 50 or 60 bucks and it offers you 10, 20 or more hours of fun alone, with friends or with the family, then of course it’s worth it… I mean, ***?! So if you have a plus subscription anyways it’s not even worth thinking about 40 USD a YEAR extra. That’s like what 3.50 per month?? if there is only ONE game where you spend 10 minutes on per month and you enjoyed those 10 minutes, it’s worth it, no?

  16. Charles Fasano says:

    I have both PS Plus and PS Now so combining the 2 would be very nice. Now if Sony added the EA Pass to PS Extra or Premium would really be nice.

  17. John says:

    Why is Jim Ryan bent on destroying the Playstation? When the head was a Japanese, he knew what was product loyalty and focused on maintaining Playstation as a core gaming console. Now, Jim is just destroying the core feeling for which we buy a dedicated console. Streaming can be done on PC, everyone has it and it doesn’t require a very high end pc. Even Sony exclusives are being ported to other platforms, what’s the use of buying a Playstation now?

  18. Mr M says:

    I like the idea but can’t help but feel this is another monopoloy move by sony to match Microsoft’s streaming service.

    For PSP/PS2/PSX I have an android tablet 12″ screen with ps4 controller… so i’m not missing out there (with the option of mods and create your own cheat codes)
    Ps3 games were pretty good and i’d like to see them streamed but i still have a ps3 with CFW.
    Ps4 games i also have 3 consoles for and the ps5 is sitting happily on my TV stand.
    Ps vita with SD2 vita 1tb card and i have literally every decent game on the device. ( and god knows how many homebrew games )

    that being said, i’d imagine it’s good for a user that hasn’t got sony consoles and just want to experience the exclusives released over the years (Heavy Rain, Killzone, FFVII ect )

  19. Mistermagoo says:

    It’s ***. Microsoft are laughing their *** off about this